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Olly goes to Live Band Karaoke

Oliver Heath clears his throat, pumps his fists and gets ready to rock out: Once a modest night in the seedy basement of the old Mandarin Club in Sydney, now at Marrickville’s Factory… Read More

Jack Mannix Zine Launch

Kids in the kitchen: Jack Mannix’s Cocksucker Bruise Zine Launch, by Marta Jary Jack Mannix is standing in Jim Shirlaw’s longue room with a camera around his neck and telling semi-harrowing stories in the deceiving,… Read More

Britany Nola Interview – Playboy & bullying

Not only is Britany Nola a contributor to this very site, but she is also Playboy’s Miss November and is set to make her film debut as the lead role in American Ecstasy.… Read More

Firing six bullets from a handgun

A Dutchman and three Australians borrow a car and go to a shooting range. It sounds like the beginning of a terrible joke. In some ways I wish it were. I have always… Read More

Jasper swaps Sydney for The Way of St James

Jasper Clifford-Smith is packing up his Sydney life and heading to Spain: Three months ago my housemates and I received a letter from our real estate telling us we had to leave as… Read More

Alice’s adventures in screen printing

Alice Parsons (who designed the Something You Said banner up there), had a go at screen printing. Here’s her account of it: I wasn’t exactly sure what Screen Printing was, but I have… Read More

My adventures with a weighted hula hoop

I get sent a lot of stuff in the post. Albums, cinema tickets, the occasional bottle of booze, bills (lots of bills) and letters from my bank telling me that I have no… Read More

Danielle Sharp: Sex Bomb vs Fashion nerd

SYS has a chat to one of the UK’s most up and coming glamour models:  There is a certain dichotomy to Danielle Sharp. You might have caught a glimpse of her, sans clothing,… Read More

Olly goes to the Weed Shop

Oliver Heath gets his smoke on: I assumed a medical marijauna prescription was difficult to get in LA, a token gesture to avoid the bad press of incarcerating the cancer ward that had… Read More

Olly goes on a quest for the perfect burger

Following his adventures buying weed in LA, Oliver Heath goes in search of the perfect burger:  The only food at the whiskey bar was peanuts. Hungry, and on our way to get the… Read More