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Sleigh Bells live

Any relatively hard-working music reviewer sees a whole lotta live acts in the course of a year. Some are good, some are not. Almost always, their sets are toooooooo lonnnnng (I’m looking at… Read More

The Bravery at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

  You have to feel a bit sorry for The Bravery. Massively hyped in late 2004 and 2005, they were one of the pioneers of the sound that has come to currently dominate… Read More

Talvin Singh at Blue Frog in Mumbai

After winning the Mercury Prize, Talvin Singh seemed to drop off the radar for a few years, so it was nice to see him pop up as the host of his own two-night… Read More

Changing Lanes Festival

        After much wrangling with the local council, Sunday saw the inaugural Changing Lanes Festival in Sydney’s Newtown. With cheap-as-chips tickets selling out in a heartbeat, the event’s debut was… Read More

Laneway Festival 2010

The venue may have changed, but the pleasant vibe that Sydney’s most discerning festival crowd has created in previous years remained, and the SCA provided a pretty backdrop as Portland five-piece Hockey got… Read More

Rain galore at Latitude Festival 2009

I’d prefer not to live up to the stereotype of us Brits always talking about the weather but, okay, let’s start by talking about the weather. I’ve never known anything like what was… Read More

Temper Trap in Berlin

It was an evening that would, kinda inevitably, end with two stony-faced men dressed in black – one smoking – playing cold, minimalist electronic pomp. This was, after all, Berlin. Before stereotypes took… Read More

Kimya Dawson at The Komedia, Brighton

Angelo Spencer was naked at The Komedia. Not literally, of course. The skinny Frenchman was very much clothed, but, due to a lack of a van to carry his kick-drum, high-hat and bass,… Read More

Jeffrey Lewis in Paris

The first noticeable thing about watching support band, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, in the small downstairs room of a venue on the outskirts of Paris,was just how respectful the audience was. There… Read More

The Wave Pictures live

First things first, when and why did Brighton’s cosiest venue decide it needed to refurbish? Tucked away in the back streets, the formerly tiny Freebutt has been graced by some of indie’s finest.… Read More

Nigel Kennedy plays in a bar in Kings Cross

On Thursday night I went to see one of the most iconic musicians in the world. In a pub in Kings Cross: “Please welcome onto the stage, the greatest violinist in the world,”… Read More