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Listen Out Guidance Mixtape

You there! So you’ve got a fresh flesh-bearing outfit and you’re ready to get your trainers fucked in the grounds of the beautiful Centennial Parklands (or Observatory Precinct, Brisbane Showgrounds or the Ozone… Read More

Mixtape – For The Sake of Song

  A great philosopher once remarked, “It’s the freakin weekend.” And everyone knows the best way to celebrate the end of the working week is with an epic mixtape, right? So’s Neil Martin… Read More

Valentine’s Day Mixtape – 11 love songs contributor Kirstie Newman tells us what’s on her perfect Valentine’s Day mixtape: With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the radio is going to be bursting with sentimental love songs and their… Read More

Music Playlist: Utrecht’s Stillwave

Utrecht – home of the Le Guess Who? festival visited last month – left a lasting impression on us. So, to discover more about the music scene within this buzzing small city, we… Read More

Guest Mixtape: Keep On Dancin’s

Interestingly-named Brisbane-based quartet, Keep On Dancin’s are purveyors of a disarmingly-frank blend of punk, shoegaze, and surf-rock. With their newest single ‘Grey Ghost’ about to land, we thought we’d ask them to tell… Read More

Festival Mixtape: Le Guess Who?

Something You Said’s Carol Bowditch soundtracks her next European festival trip with a mixtape: Every so often there comes a festival lineup that makes you regret buying that stupidly expensive beverage or lovely… Read More

Mixtape: Check out Le1f’s Tree House

Here at, we love the shit out of an awesome mixtape, so when we discovered that Le1f had created another offering, we were pant-wettingly excited. Le1f’s third mixtape, Tree House, is the… Read More

Mixtape: Pitchfork Music Festival Paris

Just as we Northern Hemisphere dwellers were becoming used to the thought that all music festivals in Europe were preparing for hibernation during the winter months, Pitchfork, has come through with the musical… Read More

Mixtape: Overlooked 90s indie gems

I recently saw The World’s End, the latest cinematic offering from the team behind Shaun of the Dead. Unfortunately, while the movie was moderately funny, it wasn’t in the same league as that… Read More

Summer songs to help you embrace the heat

 Remember how we interviewed New York-based model/actress Jessamine Kelley last week? Well, we were so impressed by her writing style and her music taste that we’ve invited her to join Team Something You… Read More

Neil Martin’s Jazz Odyssey

Jazz, the last refuge of the pretentious and self-important. The place old hipsters go to die, a land of odd time-signatures, modal scales and other elaborate music theory stuff designed to make the… Read More

In Pursuit Of The Great White Whale

If you spend more time in dusty old record shops and on eBay than you should in the hope of finding long lost LPs, you’re not alone.