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Exciting news!  Vowel-free producer and songwriter SBTRKT is back. The Londoner this week hit us with deets of his new LP. Wonder Where We Land drops in September via and we’ve just been given a cheeky taste of… Read More

OFF Festival’s must-see acts’s Lisa Says is already looking forward to the Off Festival. Here she shares her very own selection of must-see acts: Already in its eighth edition, Off Festival takes place the first three… Read More

Röyksopp and Robyn Do It Again

Röyksopp and Robyn have just unleashed the brilliant new video for Do It Again, the first single to be taken from their critically-acclaimed mini-album of the same name. The black and white clip was shot in Mexico by… Read More

Getting to know Guests Of Ghosts

We asked Melbourne-based dark-rock band Guests Of Ghosts to tell us about themselves: We are a four-piece rock band that have been described as a HEAVY foals. We spend too much time searching… Read More

Los Tones, Ordinary Man – Music Video

Sydney-based garage-rock band Los Tones just dropped their latest video clip, which was directed by Something You Said contributor/cowboy Oliver Heath. So we thought we get the lowdown on the clip from the director himself:… Read More

Music: SHAKY HANDZ EP- Sick Later

The new recording from Sydney-based band Shaky Handz sounds like that feeling you get when you go skating after eating a shit-tonne of Hungry Jacks, it churns and turns in your stomach until you sweat… Read More

M o t h e r – Easy – music video

Most people will probably recognise Penn Badgley as brooding heartthrob Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch Gossip Girl. Shocking. My distinct memory of Penn Badgley is as the “Other Tucker”… Read More

Living with Shake Shake Go

Victoria Gottschalk attempts to suppress her inner fangirl: When two members of the band supporting James Blunt on the UK leg of his tour move into your downstairs bedroom, there’s a certain type of… Read More

Coldplay film their new clip in Newtown

Coldplay don’t often feature especially heavily here at Don’t get us wrong, we’re don’t subscribe to the notion that you have to hate on Coldplay. Indeed, their early records are great and… Read More

Spookyland – This Silly Fucking Thing

If you have recently broken up with your significant other (you’re better than them, babe), your cat/dog/hamster/Tamagotchi recently died, someone yelled “twat” at you while you were driving, or you simply didn’t have… Read More

Premiere: Busy Kingdom, Stranger Than Fiction

Here’s another video premiere for your delectation. Australia-based melodic rock group Busy Kingdom have just unleashed the clip for their new single ‘Stranger Than Fiction’. Check it out above, exclusive to Something You Said.… Read More

How to be a creep and get away with it

Following the epically amazing news that TLC have announced their first ever Australian tour, Liana Gow-Killingbeck offers five tips on how to be a creep and get away with it: 1. Wearing dark, tinted sunglasses… Read More