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Personal space and crossing roads in China

My lovely friend Laura unknowingly dribbles spectacular, if not insane life-advice on a regular basis. It can be like panning for gold and occasionally, applying it to everyday life can be just plain… Read More

Revisiting: Gavin & Stacey

You know those television programmes that you don’t bother watching because they give off the middle-of-the-road vibe that only appeals to your parents? The ones that seem to do little more than fill… Read More

Reasons Facebook makes us Cray Cray

Laura Ghafoor explains the reasons that Facebook drives us abso-bloody-lutely mental: It makes us say things like “cray cray.” This is Not Acceptable, but apparently okay in the social media arena. It makes… Read More

Things that shouldn’t be awesome but are

Last week, we told you the things that shouldn’t annoy us but absolutely do. To counterbalance this and to illustrate that our contributors aren’t merely a bunch of miseries/moaners/haters, here’s a collection of… Read More

#kalelife: Signs you’re turning into a fuckwit

If knowledge is power, communication inspires interactivity and with affluence comes choice, then living in the privileged, overly commodified and cluttered world that we do is leading us all down the same path… Read More

Guangzhou, pollution & nature paraphernalia

Australian Stephanie Cobon is currently living in China. Following last week’s eventful visit to the hospital, this week she’s getting mighty confused by nature paraphernalia: Back in Sydney, my old housemate puts on workshops… Read More

Why I went vegan, by Keely Thurecht

When we interviewed Brisbane-based model Keely Thurecht recently, she mentioned how she changed from being a BLT, milk and ice cream lover to being a fully committed vegan. We asked her to tell us more: … Read More

Mormons, Polygamists and sex in an ambulance

Australian artist/model Rose Ashton’s journey to Salt Lake City fuelled her already-substantial fascination with fundamentalist Mormons who practice polygamy: No matter what I’ve learnt, what I saw or the way I relay these… Read More

Things that annoy us more than they should

The other day, a couple of our contributors were having a conversation about the little things that absolutely shouldn’t be annoying but are. Like how self-service checkouts arbitrarily don’t use pronouns sometimes (“Unexpected… Read More

Reasons I’d rather be chubby – Opinion

Laura Ghafoor tells why her gym membership isn’t utilised especially regularly: I think I was a size-ten aged ten. “It’s puppy fat, Princess” – my Dad’s a glass-half-full kind of person. So… Read More

Should music critics fucking get a real job? Editor Bobby Townsend reacts to Hayley Mary’s recent comments: Hayley Mary, lead singer of The Jezabels, recently said that music critics should “Fucking get a real job,” in relation to some less… Read More

Why Secrets & Lies should be Secrets & Live

The Internet exploded and HBO GO crashed during the much-hyped season finale of True Detective in the US yesterday. In Australia, fans were watching it last night either on Showcase where it was… Read More