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Revisiting: Manic Street Preachers’ Holy Bible

There have been a lot of reminders recently for my generation that we’re getting old. The onward march of time means that records which soundtracked my coming of age – Definitely Maybe, Siamese Dreams,… Read More

Revisiting: Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha’s Ruth Hodge reminds us of the excellence of Frances Ha: I never go to the movies. One reason is because I could watch Garden State over and over again and never start… Read More

Great Lost Albums of the 90s – Strangelove

Gary Page revisits a great lost album of the 1990s, “Time For The Rest Of Your Life”, from Bristol-based alternative-rock band Strangelove:   2014 has seen a raft of reissued albums celebrating the twentieth anniversary… Read More

Revisiting: Gavin & Stacey

You know those television programmes that you don’t bother watching because they give off the middle-of-the-road vibe that only appeals to your parents? The ones that seem to do little more than fill… Read More

TV: The best sitcom episodes ever?

Much as we enjoy attempting to comprehend exactly what the heck Professor Brian Cox is talking about (while also swooning just a little bit), or getting angry at politicians playing for applause on… Read More

Revisiting: Top Casino & Vegas based films

Something You Said recently spent the weekend at Caesar’s Palace. Because we’re massive cowards though, we didn’t have the cojones to gamble especially flamboyantly. We certainly didn’t put it all on red at the roulette… Read More

Revisiting: My So-Called Life’s Sonia Clarke embarks on an emotive journey through her teenage televisual experiences: It saddens me to tell you that a lot of the films, books and TV I loved as a teenager… Read More

Joy Division. Play Loud Or Perish

THE BEST ALBUM NEVER MADE? – by g. william rex We all have “defining” moments of varying intensity in our lives. One of mine occurred thirty-three years ago. I had just finished law… Read More

Revisiting: Rings Around The World

Had Welsh weirdos Super Furry Animals towed the line a little, not bolted seven-minute techno freakouts onto the end of gentle guitar-led ballads, not released a Christmas single furnished with a gazillion swearwords… Read More

Revisiting: Daft Punk’s awesomeness

So people, let’s get educated about new cultural capital of Australia, Wee Waa! Yep you heard me, a nonsensical, two-syllable noise of a town, somewhere north-west of Sydney is playing host to one of the… Read More

Revisiting Ricky Gervais’ The Office

Most of us have done jobs that we don’t really love. We’ve trodden the same carpet each day, sharing painful small-talk with the same people that, otherwise, we would absolutely have no reason to converse… Read More

In Pursuit Of The Great White Whale

If you spend more time in dusty old record shops and on eBay than you should in the hope of finding long lost LPs, you’re not alone.