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Double Ended Telephone Kiosks, a photo series

Double Ended Telephone Kiosks by 25ThC There are only a few things left that symbolise Britain and one of them is the famous red telephone kiosk. When I was a teenager, before mobile… Read More

Olly goes to the Weed Shop

Oliver Heath gets his smoke on: I assumed a medical marijauna prescription was difficult to get in LA, a token gesture to avoid the bad press of incarcerating the cancer ward that had… Read More

Olly goes on a quest for the perfect burger

Following his adventures buying weed in LA, Oliver Heath goes in search of the perfect burger:¬† The only food at the whiskey bar was peanuts. Hungry, and on our way to get the… Read More

The Something You Said guide to Prague

In the first of a new series here at Something You Said, Celeste Macdonald does her best to avoid the puking Brits as she takes us around Prague: If, like this tourist-hating traveller,… Read More

Some photos of swinging Soweto

I arrived in JoBurg yesterday for the Smirnoff Experience South Africa.¬†Today I went to Soweto. Here are some snaps. I found it to be an engaging place filled with people who have very… Read More