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The Standard Bowl opens its doors

On Wednesday night in Sydney, we were treated to the VIP launch of The Standard’s latest incarnation. The Standard Bowl. The ticketed live music venue has reinvented itself to become a commitment-free bar with… Read More

Guangzhou, pollution & nature paraphernalia

Australian Stephanie Cobon is currently living in China. Following last week’s eventful visit to the hospital, this week she’s getting mighty confused by nature paraphernalia: Back in Sydney, my old housemate puts on workshops… Read More

Mormons, Polygamists and sex in an ambulance

Australian artist/model Rose Ashton’s journey to Salt Lake City fuelled her already-substantial fascination with fundamentalist Mormons who practice polygamy: No matter what I’ve learnt, what I saw or the way I relay these… Read More

Cornersmith café opens for drinks

Alyssa Anne has a tipple in Marrickville: Billed as a ‘tipple and a pickle’, one of Inner West Sydney’s favourite cafés has recently nabbed itself a license. Instead of pairing their locally and seasonally-sourced dishes with… Read More

China and its little absurdities – Guangzhou

It’s hard to feel culture-shock when you come from a country as multicultural as Australia. I still don’t think that’s an ethnocentrically obnoxious claim to make, which is why, from the floor of the… Read More

European Festival Guide 2014

The fact that the majority of Europe was recently hidden under snow/dirty floodwater makes it seem almost ludicrous to consider planning summer festival trips, but, believe it or not, festival season is just… Read More

Secrets of Bratislava – Travel Tips

Koren Helbig dispels your preconceptions about Bratislava and offers invaluable secrets for travellers: If you’ve ever seen the 2005 American horror film Hostel, chances are you think Bratislava is a pretty crummy place to go.… Read More

Food Review: Ubiquitous Chip in Glasgow

It was the most dank and dreary of days. Typical Glasgow fare. Drowned by torrential downpours and dodging flooded pavements and abandoned backward spread umbrellas we wandered around Scotland’s largest city. While jumping… Read More

Food Review: Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney

Thanks to, I was given the lucky opportunity to inhale a free meal and share a jug of Long Island Iced Tea with mates at Sydney’s iconic Lansdowne Hotel. The building endured… Read More

How to behave on a plane

My husband travels for a living. Tour Manager by trade, he’s an all-knowing, all-seeing, human compass. His partner-in-crime travels as much, as far, and for the same worthy rock cause. They’re the Batman… Read More

Live Review: MONA FOMA, part one’s Chloe Mayne checks out MONA FOMA, an annual festival based in Tasmania: I’m going to hazard a guess and say that you’ve all heard of MoMA , the elegant New York governess of… Read More