Something You Said is an award-winning music/arts/fashion/culture-based website from a team of up-n-coming writers, photographers and creatives based all over the world. We all do it for no financial reward. Just for the love of being creative. We aim to offer content that focuses as much on the people and the things you’ve never heard of as those that you have. We don’t care about celebrity culture. We only care about talent and interesting shit and we throw awesomeness at your eyes on a daily basis. Back in the day, we used to be bobbysix.com, until our relaunch in 2012.


We currently have around 50 members of the team, here at Something You Said. Under the leadership of Editor Bobby Townsend, we have contributors in Australia, the UK, the US, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and Spain. You can contact them by following the links within the bylines of their articles. Otherwise you can get hold of them via our editor Bobby@somethingyousaid.com. He’ll pass your message on.


We’d love to hear from you, so please choose from the below contacts. Before you write to us though, you may have noticed that we like to do things a little differently at Something You Said. We will happily publish your band’s tour dates/details of your art exhibition/whatever, but there are already a zillion sites regurgitating the same old press releases, so we always want to accompany said information with something interesting and unique. Also, bear in mind that we are aimed at an international audience, so you need to hit us with something that will appeal even to those people who can’t come to your event. Therefore, please don’t just throw us your press release and tour dates, instead send us your most creative ideas about how we can feature your awesomeness on our site. We’re all ears.

For independent music submissions/gig invites or general questions, please email chloe@somethingyousaid.com

If you would like to contribute to the site, if you are a record label, film/music distributor, fashion designer, modelling agency etc looking to work with us, if you want to invite us to your event, or if you would like to speak to Something You Said’s editor, Bobby Townsend, about any other matter, please email bobby@somethingyousaid.com


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