Getting to Know Jeremy Neale

Jeremy Neale is celebrating his debut album, Getting The Team Back Together, with a national album tour. We asked him to tell us about himself.

The Great Escape Goes on Tour

We’re excited to learn that The Great Escape will for the first time support the hottest up-n-coming artists as they tour across Europe.

Interview: 45 Live’s Pete Isaac

Pete Isaac runs 45 Live, a collective devoted to all aspects of the perfectly formed 7″ vinyl 45rpm record. We chat to him.

16 Lovers Lane for Sydney Festival

This year marks the 30th anniversary of classic album 16 Lovers Lane from one of Australia’s top indie-rock bands, The Go-Betweens.

Gotye’s tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey

An old restored instrument called an Ondioline that emitted a wide range of sounds whilst played by a smiling man named Wally!

Video Premiere: Josh Reck – Throwing Love Away

We’re excited to today premiere the new video from Josh Reck.

Review: Backbone at Sydney Festival

I don’t have words to describe what I saw. I was amazed and was unable to look away, constantly thinking, ‘How can bodies move this way?’

Memories of interviewing Dolores O’Riordan

She was disarming, friendly, open, honest, impish and kind. She asked me questions about myself, we laughed and joked about this and that.

It’s Not for Everyone at Sydney Festival

Whether it be seen as social commentary on the life of a performance of just plain stupid fun, It’s Not For Everyone is a riot.

Photos: Lost Paradise Festival

Lost Paradise festival took place at Glenworth Valley over the New Year, and was ace with a capital ACE. Here are our photos.

Review: Aquasonic at Sydney Festival

What’s possible creatively when a unique idea is paired with passion, ambitious pursuit and a multi-layered dedicated team of mixed disciplines.

Something You Said’s top gigs of 2017

Last year, we spent many hours in sweaty venues and at muddy festivals. Here are some of our favourite live shows of 2017.