Tycho, Awake – Album review

I first uncovered Tycho while searching the net for inspiration as a graphic design student. The ambient shimmering electronic tones produced by Scott Hansen surrounded my university days. I was enthralled with his… Read More

Why Easter is my favourite holiday

Easter is Kirstie Newman’s favourite holiday. For multiple reasons. Mainly because of the chocolate though: Reason one: It symbolises the end of Lent. Not that I regularly give up anything. Although I once… Read More

Shannon and The Clams – Interview

We caught up with Shannon Shaw of American doo-wop act, Shannon and the Clams. She’s supporting/playing with Hunx and His Punx on a raucous Australian tour: Hey Shannon! This is your first tour to… Read More

Liars, Mess – Album review

The new longplayer from New York’s premier effect-drivers Liars begins with a series of repeated, ominous robotic commands. “Take my pants off,” it drones. “Smell my socks. Eat my face off. Eat my… Read More

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia – Day 1

My first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia was the finale to many-a mid-sleep wakes worrying out about what fucking shoes went with that fucking dress/coat/skirt. You can’t imagine my delight knowing that… Read More

Only Lovers Left Alive, Film Review

Set amongst romantic desolation, a deeply depressed underground musician reunites with his enigmatic lover. No, not your average weekend in Surry Hills, but the new film from Jim Jarmusch. Here’s our review: Eve lays motionless,… Read More

Getting to know Angry Beige

Sydney-based band Angry Beige are seriously turning heads right now, so we caught up with vocalist/guitarist Elfy Scott to find out more. And yes, she’s the same Elfy Scott who writes for somethingyousaid.com.… Read More

Man on a train, by Chloe Coles

Last week’s interview with Australia-based model/artist/writer Chloe Coles proved so popular that we decided to invite her to contribute on a regular basis. So stay tuned for more of her words and pictures.… Read More

Personal space and crossing roads in China

My lovely friend Laura unknowingly dribbles spectacular, if not insane life-advice on a regular basis. It can be like panning for gold and occasionally, applying it to everyday life can be just plain… Read More

Revisiting: Gavin & Stacey

You know those television programmes that you don’t bother watching because they give off the middle-of-the-road vibe that only appeals to your parents? The ones that seem to do little more than fill… Read More

Getting to Know Eleanor Dunlop

Former member of now-defunct-but-once-awesome band Cameras, Eleanor Dunlop is back with a new single, Rough Side Of Town (above), and EP. We found out more about her:  I am obsessed with horses. Anything horse-related… Read More

Europa Report DVD Giveaway

Thanks to our buddies at eOne Hopscotch, we’re giving away five copies of must-see sci fi thriller Europa Report FOR FREE to our Australia based readers. Europa Report is a unique blend of documentary, alternative history and science… Read More