A Place to Bury Strangers – Worship

Golden Lady opens her mind and gives a listen to the new LP from A Place to Bury Strangers. Here are her thoughts:  There’s clearly a formula in creating a shoe gazer’s soundtrack. It… Read More

Olly goes on a quest for the perfect burger

Following his adventures buying weed in LA, Oliver Heath goes in search of the perfect burger:  The only food at the whiskey bar was peanuts. Hungry, and on our way to get the… Read More

Missy Higgins at Her Majesty’s Theatre

Jess O’Callaghan went to see the rebirth of Missy Higgins in Melbourne: Going to any sort of comeback tour, no matter who the artist is, can be a little bit terrifying. As someone… Read More

Why Zulu Winter won’t encore on tour

Carol Bowditch talks to Will Daunt of Zulu Winter in the midst of their hectic touring schedule: Zulu Winter are sardined in the back of a van, whizzing about the streets of London… Read More

Seven Hundred Photos

We went along to 700 Photos, Sydney’s largest live art event, where artists, fashion designers & bands worked together to turn the seven hotel rooms above Sydney’s iconic Darlo Bar into live fashion photo shoots. Everyone… Read More

Missy Higgins – The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle

After seven years, Nicole Dora at last has a listen to the very long awaited return of Missy Higgins:  It was 2004 when Missy Higgins came along and became a permanent etching on the Australian… Read More

Gonjasufi in London

Sydneysider Jemma Cole reviews her first ever London gig, and it almost brings her to tears: Gonjasufi is a man that has fallen under many different categorisations, including ‘space hip hop’, ‘electro Hendrix’,… Read More

The Jezabels at The Hordern Pavilion

When I first chanced upon The Jezabels a few years ago, in tiny Sydney venues supporting The Wahas and Bridezilla, I always thought they were pretty good. I never dreamed though that, in… Read More

Jack Colwell & The Owls at Goodgod Small Club

There are two surefire ways of getting a good review. The first is to hand your reviewer, upon arrival at the venue, a personalised, signed hand-drawn picture of a unicorn. The second is… Read More

The Miraculous Mundane

Something You Said’s resident fashion expert, Liana Gow-Killingbeck, casts her eye on the latest offering from Romance Was Born: Yeah, so I’m pretty sure whatever’s going on inside the brains of Romance Was… Read More

Electric Guest interview

Vinisha Mulani has a chat with Matthew Compton of the bangin’ Electric Guest: So here’s the history lesson on Electric Guest. The band is made up essentially of two guys, Asa and Matthew. Asa’s… Read More

White Denim live

Golden Lady checks out the White Denim gig in London: Hailing from the eponymous music capital, Austin, Texas, this now four-piece, blues-tinged, psych-rock band proceed to take the stage for what will surely… Read More