Benjamin Francis Leftwich interview

SYS chatted to the very nice Benjamin Francis Leftwich, fresh from the airport after he had played a gig in Melbourne the night before and ahead of the release of his debut album,… Read More


We love Beyoncé. Well, who doesn’t? Whenever we DJ, we throw one of her songs out there and people go apeshit, mimicking that awesome dance she does with the ring and the fingers… Read More

My Bloody Valentine Will Be Your Mirror

Imagine The Drones make you a mix tape. It’s really good. I mean, it was compiled by The Drones. They sat there, and waited for all the best songs to come on the… Read More

The Olympic Comedown

Sydneysider Jasper Clifford-Smith compares watching the Olympics to taking acid. Lots of acid: Years and years ago when I was younger and looser I was playing at this music festival. This particular festival went for… Read More

Beyond the Black Rainbow

SYS film critic Neil Martin has his brain melted by the debut film from Panos Cosmatos. Will it leave you hating it or putting it in your top 10 list of movies. If you’re… Read More

Suddenly It’s Just Fucking Happening

THE ANATOMY OF AN ART SHOW or Suddenly You’re Standing in the Middle of the Room and It’s Just Fucking Happening, by Marta Jary The night I met Jesse Willesee he was slumped… Read More

Quantic in Brighton

25ThC checked out some Colombian awesomeness on the South Coast: Quantic, aka Will Holland, must never sleep. He seems to release at least one or two new quality albums from his base in Colombia… Read More

Revisiting: Carter USM’s 30 Something

My hometown at the turn of the 1990s was something of a cultural wasteland. Fashion didn’t really exist in the small, conservative tourist trap on the south coast of England and, with the… Read More

Jack Colwell – Captains Melody

We love Jack Colwell here at Something You Said. The dear chap, did, after all, welcome us to his recent gig by leaving us a hand-drawn picture of a unicorn at the door.… Read More

Golden Lady searches for Sugar Man

Golden Lady checked out Searching For Sugar Man: About 15 years ago I stumbled aimlessly into a record shop in Kings Cross, Sydney. A tiny space filled to the brim with dusty vinyl… Read More

Millions share their tour photos with us

We’ve been big fans of Brisbane band Millions since we chanced upon their boptastic single Those Girls last year. They sent us a few snaps from their recent good times on the road,… Read More

My adventures with a weighted hula hoop

I get sent a lot of stuff in the post. Albums, cinema tickets, the occasional bottle of booze, bills (lots of bills) and letters from my bank telling me that I have no… Read More