Introducing Tanja Stöcklin

As part of our Brighton Fashion Week coverage, Something You Said chats to one of this year’s rising stars: “It was never my plan to do this.” On a blazing hot June afternoon,… Read More

Jim Bob and Isy Suttie at The Lamb Inn

Eastbourne, in the South of England, is not known for much other than being the place where blue-rinsed octogenarians tan their leathered skin on pebbled beaches. It has never been ‘on the circuit’,… Read More

Robert Pollard – Lord of the Birdcage review

These days it seems all you need for a bit of lo-fi indie acclaim is some spray-on jeans and a set of half-arsed tracks drenched in fuzz courtesy of GarageBand. Extra bonus points… Read More

Roadkill Couture!

Following the Success of Thursday’s Brighton Frocks show at St Martin’s Church, Brighton Fashion Week returned to the same venue the following night for the Couture show. While it’s hard to believe any… Read More

Brighton Frocks 2011

The Brighton Frocks show is always the beating heart of Brighton Fashion Week and, with designers Charlotte Appleby, Afton Ayache, Former Glory, Briar Rose Kelleher, Katie Newsam, Bugsy Pants, Sarina Poppy, I. Am.… Read More

War Child Charity Gig

In the decadent and opulent world of fashion, the chance to give something back is always met with enthusiasm, creativity and of course, style. Brighton Fashion Week is no exception. The event? A… Read More

Brighton Fashion Week’s VIP Launch Party

To be honest, you’ll find us at the opening of an envelope, so when we were invited to spend an evening in the company of Brighton’s most beautiful and fashionable, we jumped at… Read More

Isy Suttie talks comedy, music and Dobby

When you see Isy Suttie’s name in print, it is often followed, in brackets, by the explanatory words, (Dobby from Peep Show). While it is undeniable that this is the role she is… Read More

Mulatu Astatke at The Komedia in Brighton

An Ethiopian legend of jazz was in Brighton last week. 25ThC was so inspired that he left the gig wanting to learn the trumpet: You may not have heard of the Ethiopian Jazz… Read More

Clytem Scanning – Armada album review

We make no secret of how much we love Clytem Scanning. Every now and again a new video from her arrives in our inbox and we get excited at the prospect of taking… Read More

Sufjan Stevens at Brighton’s Great Escape

Undoubtedly one of the main draws of the Great Escape this year, Sufjan Stevens played to a long-since sold out Dome on the final night of the festival. Andy James went along for… Read More

Scream 4 offers a disappointing climax

As a fan of horror movies, I absolutely loved Scream in 1996 and enjoyed Scream 2 a year later. Admittedly, I didn’t see Scream 3, owing to my firm belief that sequels get… Read More