White Denim live

Golden Lady checks out the White Denim gig in London: Hailing from the eponymous music capital, Austin, Texas, this now four-piece, blues-tinged, psych-rock band proceed to take the stage for what will surely… Read More

BJM Live

Carol Bowditch was at the sold-out Raveonettes and Brian Jonestown Massacre show in Sydney:  Having already sold out the Metro, this massive double headliner played a follow-up show to fans at OAF. The Raveonettes… Read More

Brighton Frocks show

Alice Parsons took in the first show at the 2012 Brighton Fashion Week: The 2012 Brighton Fashion Week ‘Catwalk show’ at All Saints Church, Hove, had all the pre-show excitement, anticipation and awesome… Read More

Elizabeth Rose interview

Carol Bowditch had a quick chat with Elizabeth Rose about her current tour: How are you feeling about your first headline tour? I’m really excited to be on my first headline tour! With excitement… Read More

The Walkmen – Heaven

Andy James has a listen to the latest outing from The Walkmen: Formed over a decade ago from the ashes of indie outfit Jonathan Fire*Eater, New York five-piece The Walkmen’s flame burns brighter… Read More

Boy and Bear at The State Theatre, Sydney

Sophie Metcalfe reviewed and photographed Boy and Bear’s gig in Sydney last week: It has been a while since I’ve been to an all-ages gig. I think we can all agree that the all-ages… Read More

Ned Collette interview

Carol Bowditch talks to Melbourne-born, Berlin-based musician Ned Collette about his upcoming album tour:  Your sound seems to take influence from different genres. Do you have an especially eclectic music taste?  Sure, I guess.… Read More

Chet Faker – Thinking In Textures review

Victoria Gottschalk casts her ears upon Chet Faker’s EP and feels a bit sexy: Upon listening to Chet Faker’s Thinking In Textures, I felt a mixture of love, loss and sexual frustation. I… Read More

Lover – White Magick

Liana Gow-Killingbeck falls a little in love with the new White Magick collection: Purity. Elegance. Magnificence. If I were to ever find a man crazy enough to walk me down the aisle, then there is… Read More

Florence & The Machine

Celeste Macdonald braved the rain to check out Florence & The Machine’s huge show in Sydney last week: On Thursday night, Florence & The Machine returned to Sydney on the Ceremonials tour. Needless to… Read More

The Great Escape

Something You Said had a couple of roving reporters at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton last weekend. Here’s their review:  The Great Escape this year was fortunate to be gifted with some… Read More

Grimes’ Visions – one of the albums of the year

Liana Gow-Killingbeck gets movin’ to the sweet sounds of Grimes: The first time I heard the new Grimes album was a tad embarrassing. I decided I was going to listen to Canadian Claire… Read More