Big Day Out

So, who remembered to put on sunscreen? Oh, that’s right, NOBODY. And who got sunburnt to hell? Oh yeah, EVERYBODY. Well, actually, it wasn’t so much that Big Day Out punters forgot to… Read More

Geoffrey O’Connor interview

Geoffrey O’Connor – known for his work with Crayon Fields – now plays as a solo artist. Heidi Pett had a chat to him about his name changes, duelling synth and how he’d like to… Read More

Krate Krusaders

25ThC gets his hip-hop on to review Krate Krusaders Volume 2. Here are his thoughts:  This is the second volume of featured artist releases from South West UK production duo Bad Habitz and 1… Read More

Diane Cluck interview

Bobby Townsend chatted to Diane Cluck about her Song of The Week project, in which she will devote six months to writing, recording and digitally distributing a new song to subscribers each week:… Read More

Husky interview

Heidi Pett spoke to frontman Husky Gawenda about his literary influences and thoughts on triple j Unearthed: “I’d say we’re about songs.” It’s a deceptively simple explanation from Husky Gawenda when asked to define… Read More

Justice at Festival Hall

French electro duo Justice filled the Melbourne Festival Hall with lights and sound last Friday night, at a sold-out, all ages show. Jess O’Callaghan was there: The evening got off to a good start… Read More

StereoStar Sixty-Nine – Ambulance Shotgun

Jonjon gives StereoStar Sixty-Nine‘s album a listen. He’s unlikely to do the same thing again:  What do you think of when you think French music? I think of Phoenix, Air, Cassius and, if… Read More

Yuck interview

Bobby Townsend has a chat with Daniel Blumberg from Yuck about making music and living up to expectations: “I have no idea what to expect.” Despite taking a trip there to visit family… Read More

Steve Smyth interview

Celeste Macdonald talks to Steve Smyth about his new album, his influences and his collaboration with Howling Bells’ Juanita Stein: Originally from the south coast of Sydney and based in London, Steve Smyth… Read More

Sydney Festival 2012

Sydney Festival kicked off on Saturday in traditional style, with a huge, city-centre party which was free for everyone. As is traditional with Festival First Night, the afternoon is for the families before… Read More

John Martin Apocalypse

John Martin’s Apocalypse is on at the Tate Britain for a few more days. Alice Parsons went along to check it out: THE END IS NIGH, YOU WILL BE JUDGED, REPENT!!! These are phrases that spring… Read More

The Panics talk Republicanism

Heidi Pett spoke to frontman Jae Laffer about Republicanism, Peter Garrett and, of course, their latest album: Your latest album – and a lot of your output – has been described as cinematic… Read More