Titus Andronicus and their Fatal Flaw

Matt Lengren considers the newest offering from the New Jersey-based punk/indie legends. 1. Titus Andronicus’ 2010 album The Monitor is the best rock album I’ve ever heard; 2. Although it remains to be… Read More

Review: We All Want To, The Haze

The opening moments of The Haze set the pace nicely: “Eileen Afternoon” introduces the album with an irresistible riff, while the song slowly builds to its post-chorus release. It introduces listeners to the fuzz-driven… Read More

Interview: JR Dynamite is hitting Europe

Sydney-based DJ/producer JR Dynamite is heading to Europe this June/July. We discuss his influences, his upcoming tour and those reactionary lockout laws in his hometown:  What type of music were you into when you were… Read More

Interview: Alpine portray who they are

Melbourne-based six-piece Alpine are set to return with the latest longplayer, Yuck, this June and a nationwide tour to accompany it. Courtney Dabb talks to Phoebe from the band to find out more:… Read More

Film Review: Amy is gut-wrenching

Just as he did with the frankly magnificent Senna, British filmmaker/director Asif Kapadia takes a story of which everyone knows the conclusion, and still manages to make it utterly engaging. The generally accepted persona… Read More

Music Interview: Jebediah tip their hats

Australian alternative rockers Jebediah are in the midst of a massive twentieth anniversary tour of their homeland. We spoke to drummer/backing vocalist Brett Mitchell ahead of their sold-out Sydney show tonight: Thanks for taking… Read More

Film Review: Slow West is tight and arresting

Director/writer John Maclean’s story is set at the end of the 19th Century and follows the journey of sixteen year old Jay Cavendish (Kodi Smit-McPhee), who has made his way from Scotland and is travelling solo across… Read More

Review: Seth Sentry – Strange New Past

Australian hip-hop artist Seth Sentry is back with a different vibe for his new longplayer, Strange New Past. It’s a mind-boggle. There’s a creative mixture of the classic cheekiness Sentry encompasses, as well… Read More

Live Review: Gang of Youths in Sydney

Sydney-based band Gang of Youths hit a triumphant Home Run on Tuesday evening. Adrian Pedić gives us the lowdown: When Gang of Youths took the stage at Oxford Art Factory for the last… Read More

Premiere: Paws Off feat: Sheena Wilbow

We’re excited to premiere the new video from Sydney producer Paws Off and vocalist Sheena Wilbow today. Not only that, but we’re introducing a new word into your vocabulary. Infactuated is the song’s title. No, that’s… Read More

Friedrich Nietzsche on Pop Music

In the second instalment of our new series, Chloe Mayne looks at legendary German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and his thoughts on popular music: What’s the role of music in our lives? More importantly,… Read More

Video Premiere: Plastic Birds, In Time

It’s no secret that we here at somethingyousaid.com like to romp around in the psychedelic sonic swamp. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the latest shard in our collection of gems; the… Read More