Premiere: Tom Stephens – What Lies in the Difference

It should be no surprise that we here at love to be first in line when a piece of sonic goodness tumbles in our direction; it’s with this pleasure in tow that… Read More

Ruben Guthrie ticket giveaway!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Madman Entertainment to give away five double passes to Ruben Guthrie, the directorial debut of award winning playwright, writer and actor Brendan Cowell, adapted from his critically acclaimed… Read More

Premiere: Bow and Arrow – Midnight

Today, we’re excitedly premiering the new video from Sydney-based husband and wife electro soul duo, Mindy Kwanten and Mitchell Kwanten, better known as Bow and Arrow. Directed by True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten (Mitchell’s brother),… Read More

Music Interview: I Know Leopard

Off the back of the release of their new single, ‘Close My Eyes’, Australia-based indie-pop band I Know Leopard are currently touring with Last Dinosaurs and preparing for a national tour with Gang Of… Read More

Interview: Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses

Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses are returning with a brand-spanking new longplayer and Australian tour. We find out more from guitarist Joel Silbersher: You are back with the boys, Charlie (Owen), Tex (Perkins) and… Read More

Event: The BBR French World Festival

Sydney, prepare for mouth-watering delights, musical performances, an authentic European-style Artisan Market and an open-air cinema:  They say good things come in threes and this is certainly the case with the BBR French World… Read More

Travel: Make a great escape to the sun

Hey Australian friends, are you already completely-and-utterly over the winter rain? Are you fed-up with the fact your house is like an icebox? Are you longing for some sunshine? Some warmth on your skin?… Read More

Music review: Japanese Wallpaper

The latest release from Japanese Wallpaper is a five-track, self-titled debut EP which triumphantly marks the transition the young Aussie has made from bedroom producer to 2015’s hottest electronic artist. 18-year-old Gab Strum,… Read More

New Music: Check out CRISTALLIN’s Kaya Strehler points you in the direction of some sounds from Switzerland: I previously wrote about the high level of music being created within the tidy little borders of Switzerland and brought your… Read More

Food: HelloFresh is here to help

Living in the suburbs has numerous advantages. It’s quiet, rent is (still heartbreakingly extortionate but a little) cheaper than in the city, meaning you can afford somewhere that fits all your stuff in it and still… Read More

Pretty City double pass giveaway!

After being holed up in the studio for an eternity, Melbourne-based fuzz-rockers Pretty City have created three sick new songs and they are hitting the road to share them with you. And the best… Read More

Things not to discuss on a first date

How would you rate your dating skills on a scale of brilliant/good/average/poor/fucking horrific? Yeah, us too. So here’s Jess Matthews to help, with a list of things you should never discuss on a first date,… Read More