Ways that too much work makes you stupid

While you may have convinced yourself that your job is awesome and not an absolutely mind-numbing waste of time, chances are it’s making you dumb-as-shit. Harriet Cheney explains why: 1. You lose sight… Read More

The Last Impresario ticket giveaway

Exciting news! We’ve teamed up with our buddies at Umbrella Entertainment to give away ten double passes to our Australia-based readers to The Last Impresario.  What is it? Well, it’s a documentary about notorious London theatre… Read More

The Holidays live in Brisbane

Sydney-based band, The Holidays, recently embarked on a tour of the East Coast of Australia to coincide with the release of ‘Tongue Talk’ – the third single from their acclaimed sophomore LP, “Real Feel”.… Read More

The Lunchbox – Film Review

Holding Irrfan Khan (recognisable from Life of Pi, The Amazing Spiderman and Slumdog Millionaire) in high regard, we sent Carol Bowditch to check out The Lunchbox: A carefully prepared meal is passed though many… Read More

Sia, 1000 Forms of Fear – album review

Damon Collum approaches the latest longplayer from Australia’s Sia with high hopes:  People often appear to be on different wavelengths, and the trajectories their lives take them on are almost visible as colourful… Read More

Caitlin Park looks to the future

Somethingyousaid.com editor Bobby Townsend catches up with his old chum Caitlin Park to find out about her upcoming Australian tour: Hello Caitlin Park, you legend. Where does this interview find you, and how… Read More

Dark Mofo 2014: Encores and Apologies

Neika Lehman spent two extraordinary weeks at Tasmania-based festival, Dark Mofo: It’s been just over a week since the conclusion of Hobart’s second Dark Mofo festival. The music and arts festival runs for two… Read More

I Heart Sharks – Getting to Know

Following their self-made, fan-funded first album, I Heart Sharks have just unleashed their latest EP. It was recorded in a disused textile mill in Manchester and in the former GDR radio headquarters in Berlin, and features… Read More

Greetings From Wycliffe Well

Nathan Roche searches for extra-terrestrial activity in Australia’s Northern Territory: The question is begging to be asked: “At what point does a small town realise it has no economy and must lie its way… Read More

Emily Grove goes in a dangerous direction

American singer/songwriter Emily Grove tells us about her album, her busy schedule and about performing live on television with David Gray: Hello Emily! Where are you at the moment? How is your day… Read More

Kele, Odesza & Hayden James live in Sydney

Damon Collum headed to The Metro Theatre in Sydney to photograph/review Bloc Party frontman Kele, Seattle-based duo Odesza and the Barry White of EDM, Hayden James: Heading into a gig you plan to review,… Read More

London’s Backyard Cinema returns

London-based film aficionados and general outdoor enthusiasts take note, the interactive, atmospheric Backyard Cinema is back this summer, and it’s even bigger and better than ever. That’s right, if you like going to… Read More