Documentary review: Particle Fever

Particle Fever delivers a front-row seat to this generation’s most significant/inspiring scientific breakthrough as it happened. No, not the invention of Snapchat, but rather the launch of the Large Hadron Collider. In case… Read More

The Smith Street Band in Sydney – Review

Matt Lengren caught the Melbourne-based Smith Street Band at The Factory Theatre. Photos by Adam Davis-Powell, taken at their Manning Bar gig, two days previously: All things being equal, The Arrogance of the Drunk… Read More

Video Premiere: Peter Calvert, Red Shoes

Start your Wednesday off in magnificent fashion with the Premiere of the new video from Sydney-based singer/songwriter, Peter Calvert. Having built a name for himself on the Australian music scene over the past… Read More

This week in Newcastle = awesome’s Ruth Hodge gives you the heads-up on some excellent things to see and do in Newcastle (the Australian one, not the British one) this week: Newcastle has had a wave of reclamation… Read More

FBi Radio’s Brush With Fame

If you’re looking to purchase fame at a reasonable price and you’re regretting that impulse purchase of celebrity nail clippings you brought that one time, we’ve got the perfect solution: Sydney’s not-for-profit radio station,… Read More

Interview: Guy Pearce overcomes his fear

Guy Pearce recently released his debut longplayer and, as he tells Bobby Townsend, it required him to overcome a longstanding fear of putting his music out there: “I always knew that I would eventually release… Read More

Upstairs and Underground launches

It’s always a challenge relaunching a venue, particularly one with such a vivid history as the Gaelic Club’s Upstairs and Underground, a venue associated with Sydney’s underground music scene. The Gaelic had hosted… Read More

New Music: Introducing BCBG 

We’re excited to bring to your attention French duo BCBG. The act consists of two friends that met while in separate bands in and around the Paris underground/experimental scene. They eventually formed in Brazil at… Read More

Thank you and Goodnight, Carter USM

This weekend, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine will, over a quarter-of-a-Century since forming, cease to be unstoppable. Bobby Townsend pays his respects: Eastbourne, in the UK county of East Sussex, isn’t at the… Read More

Film review: The Mule has guts

The Mule is a film about a slow-witted yet impressively-stubborn man trying not to do a poo. Seriously. Even stranger is that the movie, directed by Angus Sampson and Tony Mahony, is inspired… Read More

Storyology is heading to Sydney

Storyology 2014 is scribbling its way into Sydney’s well-loved suburb of Paddington this December and, for reasons of its pure brilliance we’re definitely all for inspiring you to pencil it in to your… Read More

Getting to Know Matilda Laidlaw

Australian/Swedish model Matilda Laidlaw tells us about travelling, Instagramming, playing AFL and watching Midsummer Murders:  I am a mix between an Aussie and Swedish teenage girl living on the Northern Beaches. I lived… Read More