Vote in the 2013 SMAC Awards

Being award winners ourselves at (did we mention that? Oh yeah, only like a gazillion times), we know how rockin in feels to be recognised and appreciated for one’s art. So we’re… Read More

Songs: Ohia – Magnolia Electric Co’s Neil Martin fondly remembers Jason Molina as he reviews this 10th Anniversary Deluxe reissue: On March 13 2013 Jason Molina slipped quietly away. His body giving up after years of alcohol abuse. He was… Read More

Olly interviews Sarah Doyle’s Oliver Heath talks to LA-based Australian writer/director Sarah Doyle: You’re in Sydney with your play Anaconda that premiered to accolades in LA. It was based upon a ritualised sexual assault at a… Read More

Interview: Melbourne’s Dear Plastic

Carol Bowditch chats to Scarlette Baccini from Melbourne trip hop/electro outfit, Dear Plastic, about art, Nick Cave and getting DIY with synthesisers: How long have you been performing as Dear Plastic? How did you form… Read More

Gravity – So Good I Saw it Twice

Celebrity guest contributor, the legendary Hugh Cornwell, reviews Gravity for and discovers one of the films of the year: Gravity is the most life affirming film I have ever seen. Sandra Bullock… Read More

Interview: Getting To Know Matilda Price talks to Australian model, Matilda Price, about doing dumb dorky shit: I’m a little all over the place and airy but also really self-sufficient. My parents brought me up to be really… Read More

Music video: We’re on Lorde’s team

Without wishing to blow our own trumpets here at, we were championing teenage sensation Lorde absolutely yonks before most. Like, seven months ago. Fingers on the pulse, and all that. Well, everyone… Read More

Interview: Kris Weston’s fuzzy dimension

Kris Weston, aka Thrash, was the creative driving-force behind The Orb’s early material and has remixed Primal Scream, Depeche Mode and U2. He is currently working on a new crowd-funded album. 25ThC caught… Read More

Album review: No Age, An Object

Following the highly-esteemed, excitingly fulminate “Everything In Between”, No Age’s new longplayer has to surrender to high expectations. Entitled “An Object”, the latest album is the fourth in their career as a Noise/Punk… Read More

Film Review: Night Train to Lisbon

A boring film about a boring guy whose sense of boringness is compounded on discovering old people who lived far less boring lives than him.’s Colin Delaney investigates: I knew very little… Read More

How to fashion blog / instagram

Five simple (and moderately sarcastic) steps to becoming a successful fashion blogger/Instagrammer, by Liana Gow-Killingbeck:
 1. Pose in a Triangl bikini – remember to suck in your thighs so you can show off… Read More

Music interview: The Jones Rival’s Carol Bowditch chats to one of Sydney’s most up-n-coming bands: How long have you been playing as The Jones Rival? How did you get together? We have been playing for a few… Read More