Getting to Know Abbey Ashton

Sydney-based model Abbey Ashton is currently across the world in London. She took some time off from YouTubing compilations of goats to tell us about herself:  I am from a small town in Tasmania. No, I… Read More

Interview: The Knife author, Lee Markham

‘The Knife’ is the startling first novel from Eastbourne-based author Lee Markham. It’s a gritty, ferocious and angry indictment of social inequality and institutional neglect in 21st Century Britain. It also happens to… Read More

Yves Saint Laurent, Film Review

Yves Saint Laurent is a biopic based on the iconic designer and his progression from a painfully shy 21-year-old aspiring designer to a man who single handedly revolutionised the fashion world and at… Read More

Music: SHAKY HANDZ EP- Sick Later

The new recording from Sydney-based band Shaky Handz sounds like that feeling you get when you go skating after eating a shit-tonne of Hungry Jacks, it churns and turns in your stomach until you sweat… Read More

M o t h e r – Easy – music video

Most people will probably recognise Penn Badgley as brooding heartthrob Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch Gossip Girl. Shocking. My distinct memory of Penn Badgley is as the “Other Tucker”… Read More

The Volcano – Movie Review

From the creators of the delightful The Intouchables is The Volcano (alternative title – Eyjafjallajökull), a hilarious French-language romp that follows two ex-lovers that by chance (due to Eyjafjallajökull, an active volcano in… Read More

Augie March return after 5-year hiatus

The Australian legends are back, and Sophie Metcalfe (pictured, below) meets the familiar melancholic sound with a strangely comforting sadness: The memory of One Crowded Hour topping the 2006 “triple j Hottest One… Read More

Living with Shake Shake Go

Victoria Gottschalk attempts to suppress her inner fangirl: When two members of the band supporting James Blunt on the UK leg of his tour move into your downstairs bedroom, there’s a certain type of… Read More

Anna Broinowski Aims High – Interview

Australia-based filmmaker Anna Broinowski wanted to make a documentary to stop fracking in Sydney Park. Yes, they were trying to mine Sydney Park. She needed to find a way to get her message to… Read More

Passenger, Whispers – Album review

Listening to Whispers, the new longplayer from Brighton-born chart topper Passenger, I could forgive my partner for asking if this was the new James Blunt album. The two have a very similar style. Although Blunty… Read More

The Hunger Games’ District Heroes

The first two Hunger Games instalments offered utterly engaging and thrilling teen action with a brain and a conscience. Also, Katniss Everdeen proved to be a strong, female role-model. However, if you’ve been following the… Read More

Coming soon: The Inbetweeners 2

Turning sitcoms into full length movies can be a precarious business. For every ace adaptation like Partridge’s Alpha Papa or The South Park Movie, there’s a disappointment like Guest House Paradiso – a poor effort from the… Read More