Interview: Drunk Mums hit the road

We can say with some authority that Drunk Mums, the Cairns-turned-Melbourne garage punk-wits, are quite possibly the nicest band ever. In addition to writing catchy lo-fi bangers, drawing local and international attention and putting… Read More

Kumiko The Treasure Hunter – Film Review

Carol Bowditch checks out the quirky charm of Kumiko The Treasure Hunter, which is showing at this year’s Sydney Film Festival: A 29 year-old Japanese woman called Kumiko waddles with determination through the tundra of a… Read More

Interview: Brisbane band Salvadarlings

We caught up with songstress Ashley Goodall of dreamy, psychedelic Brisbane-based six-piece Salvadarlings for a quick but enlightening chat ahead of their debut Sydney performance this Thursday: Tell us about where and how you… Read More

Pierce Brothers, The Night Tree – Review

Pierce Brothers, Jack and Pat, are a charismatic duo hailing from Melbourne. Multi-instrumentalists, the brothers handle the guitar, didgeridoo and harmonica with ease. And it’s this melodic mastery they (quite rightly) show off… Read More

Photographer Lilly M Perrott – interview

Sydney-based photographer Lilly M Perrott (pictured, above) shines a light on the importance of photography in her life, on her inspirations and on the images she finds especially powerful: Why is photography important… Read More

Slowdive Rising – A Sparkling Return

Canada-based music junkie, G. William Rex, headed to London and saw the remarkable rebirth of shoegazers, Slowdive: When bands break up (as most of them eventually do) there are two schools of thought. Some persons assert… Read More

Interview: Joan as Police Woman

American violinist, guitarist and singer/songwriter Joan Wasser – aka Joan As Police Woman – talks to Courtney Dabb about her latest album and her upcoming tour of Australia: Hi Joan. Thanks for taking the time… Read More

Head Someplace Else

  Director Riley Blakeway’s new short documentary is worth watching for numerous reasons. Firstly, it features none other than somethingyousaid contributor, ludicrously talented artist and model Rose Ashton. Secondly, it makes the Mexican… Read More

Wild Rumpus, Musical Blaze-Up – review

Wild Rumpus is a musical meeting-of-minds between Gary Lucus (legendary guitarist from Captain Beefheart) and Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, aka DJ Collen, and their first full album release ‘Musical Blaze-Up’ is different to say… Read More

How To Survive A Shit Office Job

Every idealistic youth takes a pre-poverty line vow to avoid the mire of corporate employment. But mounting living-costs keep the gears of the office world churning, and burnt-out idealism turns into “smart-casual” and… Read More

Getting a Blind Massage in China

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who enjoys getting a massage. It’s what easy-going, mythically under-analytical people and sports people do. Just as, to some, a bath evokes such pleasantries… Read More

Temples live at The Metro Theatre, Sydney

British-based Temples made their Australian debut recently. We sent Carol Bowditch and Joel Anderson along to the Sydney show: I have so much respect for this band. Even though they produce music that… Read More