Pitchfork Music Festival Paris, Day One

Somethingyousaid.com’s Carol Bowditch ventures to gay Paris: I thought, after months of joyful adventures as a result of unemployment while living in Europe, that I would do Paris on the cheap for a… Read More

Festival Mixtape: Le Guess Who?

Something You Said’s Carol Bowditch soundtracks her next European festival trip with a mixtape: Every so often there comes a festival lineup that makes you regret buying that stupidly expensive beverage or lovely… Read More

Simone Kerr: a catch-up interview

We last spoke to Australia-based, international model/dancer/designer Simone Kerr when she was about to launch Balletto Body, her collection of dance and active wear. Now that Balletto Body is up and running, we thought we’d… Read More

Interview: Getting to know Olivia Luccardi

You might have seen Olivia Luccardi delivering an epically acerbic performance in Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’. We caught up with the Brooklyn-based actress to find out about her experiences on the show and what she’s… Read More

Video: Secret Garden Party returns

Blimey, it really doesn’t seem massively long ago that Blighty was basking within the gloriously warm bosom of late summer. Shorts, ice-cold ciders and long afternoon shadows. With the changing of the clocks… Read More

Music interview: Reeps One

Reeps One is a multi-faceted, London-based artist using his voice to create music inspired by dubstep, garage, grime and deep-house, as well as creating live visuals solely with the tones of his voice.… Read More

Britany Nola performs live with Gambles

Not only is New York-based Britany Nola a somethingyousaid.com contributor and renowned model, but she’s now heading into the music world too. Here she tells us about her debut stage performance with Gambles:… Read More

Interview: Courtney Barnett does it her way

Somethingyousaid.com’s Jack Colwell has a conversation with the delightful Melbourne-based musician: Courtney Barnett’s dulcet tones hang across the wire from a cozy nook in Melbourne; where today, she isn’t preparing to play a… Read More

Video: The Joy of PANDORA’s ESSENCE

Joy presents itself in innumerable guises: the embrace of a loved-one, completing the crossword without Google; dancing alone in the kitchen to a song you really shouldn’t love, seeing how unbelievably excited your dog is… Read More

Music Video: Kirin J Callinan, Landslide

By now, you prolly don’t need us to tell you how much we lovelovelove Kirin J Callinan here are somethingyousaid.com. We’ve been waxing lyrical about him since forever. And rightly so, the guy… Read More

Indoor Inspiration, by Madeline Kragh

New York based model and regular Something You Said contributor, Madeline Kragh, rummages through the internet so you don’t have to. This week, she shares with us some inspirational images of interior design: Ahhh,… Read More

Jack and Brendan interview each other

Australian dreamboats Brendan Maclean and (Somethingyousaid.com’s own) Jack Colwell are playing on the same excellent bill at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory on Thursday. As an appetite whetter, we thought we’d get them to… Read More