Art in Fashion using Post Edit Design

New York-based model, Madeline Kragh, shares some of her current favourite post-edited photos: Modern Retouching Technology. Changing everything. A swish of the mac paintbrush and you can take a regular photo and make it… Read More

Music video: Syron, Colour Me In

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Fashion: Simone Kerr’s Lip Service

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A foreigner’s survival guide to Thanksgiving

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Food: MeatLiquor is great fun

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Music & Free Party: MT – Alpha Romeo

London-based babes MT have returned with their newest slice of indie-pop excellence, Alpha Romeo. The track was produced by Dan Grech, who was also responsible for numbers by Lana Del Ray and The… Read More

Tess Dimos Interview – Catching Up

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FBi Radio’s Brush With Fame

You probably don’t need us to inform you that Sydney’s FBi Radio is an abso-bloody-lutely amazing institution. You probably also already know that the station is independent, not-for-profit and in its tenth year… Read More

Film Review: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the invisible people behind the scenes. For every momentous event where an individual achieves or creates something of note, there are usually a handful of nameless folk… Read More

Sloth Society: Tales from the Tea Room

Sloth Society is an art collective that have been jointly creating incredible pieces for approximately two years; having met at design college and discovering common ground in music, their artistic drive, inspirations and… Read More