The 5th annual Rolling Stone Awards

Mumbling folk mega-genius Bob Dylan once questioned exactly how it felt to be like a rolling stone? Well, it’s with complete authority and experience that we can happily announce it feels amazing to… Read More

Laneway Festival 2014 Sydney – review

Reviewer Harriet Cheney and photographer Philip Erbacher attended Laneway Festival in Sydney for  It was hot and crowded and, being a Sunday, the idea of work lingered very close to the surface.… Read More

The Preatures – Better Than It Ever Could Be

Sydney-based five-piece The Preatures are back with a cracking arcade game-inspired retro video clip for their new song Better Than It Ever Could Be.  We’ve been gushing fanboys/fangirls of them since their name was spelt… Read More

Ten Things to do on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day lurking ominously around the corner, Jess Matthews suggests activities to entertain/amuse yourself: On the 14th of February the world is divided in two. Half of us become hazily consumed by lust and… Read More

Run the Jewels album review

Jess Matthews checks out the highly-anticipated debut longplayer from El-P and Killer Mike: Run the Jewels’ eponymous album was heralded as the brazen anti-hero of the Hip Hop world. I’m not sure if a stream… Read More

Generation War giveaway

Thanks to our buddies at eOne Hopscotch, we’re giving away five copies of cracking television miniseries Generation War FOR FREE to our Australia based readers. Billed as a German Band of Brothers, the blockbuster miniseries vividly… Read More

Poeticat smash the walls – Music Interview

After featuring Centre of the Concrete Square a few weeks ago, interviews Poeticat’s Catherine Martindale to learn more: Your band members hail from London and Lisbon, how did you meet? How did you come together… Read More

Under Pressure 2014 – Review and gallery

Under Pressure provides a visual feast of glorious colours, patterns and textures incorporating a diverse range of printmaking styles. Something You Said’s Heather Vousden went along with her camera and her notepad:  Under… Read More

Get the most from education as an adult

Education in adulthood is an altogether different experience. The moment that studying becomes voluntary, it not only acquires a new meaning but it also sees your motivations shift entirely. With a greater level… Read More

Music Video: Foxes, Let Go For Tonight

Foxes is a 24-year-old singer/songwriter from England and wearer of some serious balayage. Known to her mother as Loui Rose Allen, the young starlet has gained the grand accolade of receiving a Grammy… Read More

Book review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Angela Haffenden considers the latest offering from Stephen King: The master of horror writers finally presents us with the sequel to The Shining. If you’ve ever seen the iconic film with the fabulous… Read More