Yves Saint Laurent, Film Review

Yves Saint Laurent is a biopic based on the iconic designer and his progression from a painfully shy 21-year-old aspiring designer to a man who single handedly revolutionised the fashion world and at… Read More

Music: SHAKY HANDZ EP- Sick Later

The new recording from Sydney-based band Shaky Handz sounds like that feeling you get when you go skating after eating a shit-tonne of Hungry Jacks, it churns and turns in your stomach until you sweat… Read More

M o t h e r – Easy – music video

Most people will probably recognise Penn Badgley as brooding heartthrob Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch Gossip Girl. Shocking. My distinct memory of Penn Badgley is as the “Other Tucker”… Read More

The Volcano – Movie Review

From the creators of the delightful The Intouchables is The Volcano (alternative title – Eyjafjallajökull), a hilarious French-language romp that follows two ex-lovers that by chance (due to Eyjafjallajökull, an active volcano in… Read More

Augie March return after 5-year hiatus

The Australian legends are back, and Sophie Metcalfe (pictured, below) meets the familiar melancholic sound with a strangely comforting sadness: The memory of One Crowded Hour topping the 2006 “triple j Hottest One… Read More

Living with Shake Shake Go

Victoria Gottschalk attempts to suppress her inner fangirl: When two members of the band supporting James Blunt on the UK leg of his tour move into your downstairs bedroom, there’s a certain type of… Read More

Anna Broinowski Aims High – Interview

Australia-based filmmaker Anna Broinowski wanted to make a documentary to stop fracking in Sydney Park. Yes, they were trying to mine Sydney Park. She needed to find a way to get her message to… Read More

Passenger, Whispers – Album review

Listening to Whispers, the new longplayer from Brighton-born chart topper Passenger, I could forgive my partner for asking if this was the new James Blunt album. The two have a very similar style. Although Blunty… Read More

The Hunger Games’ District Heroes

The first two Hunger Games instalments offered utterly engaging and thrilling teen action with a brain and a conscience. Also, Katniss Everdeen proved to be a strong, female role-model. However, if you’ve been following the… Read More

Coming soon: The Inbetweeners 2

Turning sitcoms into full length movies can be a precarious business. For every ace adaptation like Partridge’s Alpha Papa or The South Park Movie, there’s a disappointment like Guest House Paradiso – a poor effort from the… Read More

Teeth & Tongue live in Sydney – Photos

Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Jess Cornelius, otherwise known as Teeth & Tongue, brought her full band to Sydney’s Goodgod this week as part of her current Australian tour. Performing tracks from latest album Grids in all… Read More

Coldplay film their new clip in Newtown

Coldplay don’t often feature especially heavily here at somethingyousaid.com. Don’t get us wrong, we’re don’t subscribe to the notion that you have to hate on Coldplay. Indeed, their early records are great and… Read More