Album Review: Trash Kit – Confidence

There is a raucous tension within ‘Confidence’ – nervous energy coupled with spastic groovy jams. The sounds are in part reminiscent of a jazzy/bluesy New Orleans parade, only the parade is in someone’s… Read More

Belle and Sebastian, desire and consolation

Glasgow-based indie-pop legends Belle and Sebastian have just dropped their latest longplayer, the brilliant “Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance” and are set to journey to Australia later this month. Courtney Dabb talks… Read More

Getting to Know Holly Graves

Texas-born and currently Sydney-based model, dietician and Taekwondo blackbelt, Holly Graves tells us about herself: I am a global wanderer from Texas; a flower child with a rock’n’roll heart; and really just a… Read More

Taboo tubes: Homosexuality in Surfing

As a Frenchman living in the coastal enclave of Bronte, Sydney, Thomas Castets surfs just about everyday. But around 2010 Castets began noticing a pattern among his surfing buddies – they’d marry off,… Read More

A made-up interview with J Mascis’s Lisa Says engages in a somewhat creepy (and completely made-up) conversation with J Mascis about his new album: If J Mascis is famous for something besides his virtuous, loud guitar play and… Read More

Interview: Fat Freddy’s Drop are connected

Scott Towers (aka “Chopper Reedz”) of Fat Freddy’s Drop is having a normal, run-of-the-mill day with his kids in the January sun at Langs Beach, Auckland. Just being a dad. When he picks up the… Read More

Dare to Date this February’s Addy Fong explains how you can go on dates and be a charitable human all at the same time: If you think dating is the process of categorising food according to when it expires… Read More

New: Sally Seltmann is the music

While most of us have crawled reluctantly back to work after Christmas/New Year, Acclaimed Australian singer/songwriter Sally Seltmann has kicked off 2015 with an absolute bang, launching her very own record label, Three… Read More

Interview: Truckfighters do their thing

Sweden-based stoner/progressive-rockers Truckfighters are in the midst of an Australian tour, after which they are hitting up Europe. Courtney Dabb speaks to them to find out more: Thanks for taking the time out… Read More

Getting to Know Ali Barter

Melbourne-based songstress Ali Barter is unquestionably one-to-watch in 2015 and is set to hit stages in Sydney and Melbourne real soon. Wanna discover more about her? Well, here she is, in her own words:  I… Read More

Farmer & The Owl Festival

Heads-up. If you enjoy attending Australian music festivals but aren’t super-keen on remortgaging your house to afford the frankly ludicrous ticket prices that you’re often obliged to fork-out, then Farmer & The Owl Festival is… Read More

Live Review: The Growlers in Sydney

Having interviewed them and reviewed their Newcastle show, we ventured to catch California based beach goth outfit The Growlers in Sydney last Friday evening:  Despite the name, ‘The Roller Den’ has absolutely nothing to do… Read More