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Welcome to the Anti Ball Crushing pant

True story. I once went to the pub with a mate of mine called Robin, who’s the lead-singer of an up-n-coming indie band. We purchased beverages and located the table at which our group of… Read More

Bondi Hipsters – New fashion ideas

Are you ready for some groundbreaking new directions in men’s farshun? Good, because in this decidedly-nsfw clip (above) the Bondi Hipsters introduce their ideas to reshape the industry. Will the ‘side-ball’ be hot this… Read More

Why Secrets & Lies should be Secrets & Live

The Internet exploded and HBO GO crashed during the much-hyped season finale of True Detective in the US yesterday. In Australia, fans were watching it last night either on Showcase where it was… Read More

Interview: Syd2030’s Tatjana Alexis

When I hear the term “webisode” I feel like I’m watching a babyboomer’s powerpoint presentation on the future of multimedia. Unless I feel like being skullfucked by 3D at the cinema, everything I… Read More