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Love’s voice is louder than hate. #lovewins

The colours of the rainbow brightened our Facebook newsfeeds last week as users updated their profile pictures in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favour of marriage equality. Same-sex couples can… Read More

Kumiko The Treasure Hunter – Film Review

Carol Bowditch checks out the quirky charm of Kumiko The Treasure Hunter, which is showing at this year’s Sydney Film Festival: A 29 year-old Japanese woman called Kumiko waddles with determination through the tundra of a… Read More

Treefort Music Fest looks great

Many modern festivals hardly justify their name/reputation/price. To us, lazily shoving a stage in a stadium and charging eight gazillion dollars for a beer do not a festival make. We firmly believe festivals… Read More

Getting to Know Michael Matteo Rossi

Somethingyousaid.com catches up with the director of ‘Misogynist’, Michael Matteo Rossi (pictured above, centre, with producer Kris Black – right – and Jon Briddell – left – who won Best Actor for the film):… Read More

A foreigner’s survival guide to Thanksgiving

Isidore Tillers might be an Aussie, but that won’t stop her celebrating Thanksgiving:   Thanksgiving obviously isn’t an Australian tradition or holiday but, as my double-bassist boyfriend hails from Albuquerque New Mexico, I’ve… Read More

Video: Turbo Fruits, Harley Dollar Bill$

American rock’n’rollers, Turbo Fruit, whose band name sounds like some delectable soft fruit candy, which I’m alright with, have a new tune out ahead of their Australian Tour. The band being born from… Read More

Music Video: Cut Copy, Free Your Mind

So, your latest single is a psychedelic, electronic synth scream – an absolute winner – and you require a suitably eye-catching video-clip to match. What do you do? Well, if you’re Australian electro… Read More

Travel: Noni Cragg’s American summer

You may recall we interviewed ridiculously talented Australian artist/model Noni Cragg a while ago. Well, ever-keen to keep up to date with what she’s got going on, we asked her to document her… Read More

Sara Malakul Lane – Getting to Know

Having recently appeared in movies ‘Jailbait’, ’12/12/12′ and ‘100 Degrees Below Zero’, LA-based model and actress Sara Malakul Lane has been increasingly appearing on our radar lately. We caught up with her and… Read More

Classixx Are All You’re Waiting For

Recently we had the Classixx remix of The Preatures’ latest song on high rotation around Castle Something You Said. We liked their upbeat rework of the soulful track from the Sydney group. Well,… Read More

Twin Lakes’ Top 5 Winter Destinations

In their year together, Newcastle/Sydney band Twin Lakes have permeating the local music scene with layers of folk/rock. Their music has a pastoral resonance that nods to bands like The Dears, Doves, Silversun Pickups,… Read More

Revisiting: My So-Called Life

Somethingyousaid.com’s Sonia Clarke embarks on an emotive journey through her teenage televisual experiences: It saddens me to tell you that a lot of the films, books and TV I loved as a teenager… Read More