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Ria Hall’s top powerful female musicians

New Zealand neo-soul artist Ria Hall releases her debut album, Rules of Engagement, this week. We asked for her top powerful female musicians.

Something You Said’s best gigs of 2014

At somethingyousaid.com, we’ve got reviewers all across the globe. From the United States to Australia via the UK, Spain, Switzerland, France, Austria and a bunch of places in between. Between us, we’ve spent countless… Read More

Valentine’s Day Mixtape – 11 love songs

Somethingyousaid.com contributor Kirstie Newman tells us what’s on her perfect Valentine’s Day mixtape: With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the radio is going to be bursting with sentimental love songs and their… Read More

It’s true, Solange deliciously simmers

Solange is cool. True story. Solange is like the cooler younger sister you never had. Unless you are Beyonce. Whilst her famous sibling is a useful reference when working out why the name… Read More


We love Beyoncé. Well, who doesn’t? Whenever we DJ, we throw one of her songs out there and people go apeshit, mimicking that awesome dance she does with the ring and the fingers… Read More