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The Great Escape: Day One

There’s little denying that Brighton in the Spring sunshine is a location of absolute magnificence, so when you add 350 amazing bands playing in over twenty venues around the city to sixteen thousand… Read More

Interview: Getting To Know Emily Grove

Singer/songwriter Emily Grove recently completed a tour of the United Kingdom with Jarrod Dickenson and David Ford. We caught up with her for a conversation about her recordings, her music tastes and about acting… Read More

Birds of Tokyo and someone familiar

When the new Birds of Tokyo video dropped this week, we thought, ‘hmmmm, that face looks mighty familiar.’ Indeed, a closer inspection confirmed that, yes, the lady smashing seven shades of shit out… Read More

San Cisco are making waves overseas

Here at Something You Said, we’ve been kinda in love with Australian band San Cisco and their catchy indie-pop since the beginning of time. We’ve seen them grow from packing out little venues like… Read More

The lies a guy tells on a first date

Somethingyousaid.com’s editor was guest columnist for Australian laydeeeeez magazine, CLEO, this month. Check out his words of questionable wisdom: A first date is a terrible way to get to know a guy. You… Read More

Revisiting Ricky Gervais’ The Office

Most of us have done jobs that we don’t really love. We’ve trodden the same carpet each day, sharing painful small-talk with the same people that, otherwise, we would absolutely have no reason to converse… Read More

Daughter: If You Leave Album Review

Daughter are a London-based trio consisting of Elena Tonra (vocals/guitar), Igor Haefeli (guitar) and Remi Aguilella (percussion). Having started life in 2010 as an outlet for Elena’s musings, the group gradually grew to… Read More

An interview with David Ford

Our head-honcho, My Bobby Six, tends to shy away from the limelight somewhat. When it comes to video interviews, he usually puts one of the many talented/hot Something You Said laydeez (seriously, there’s… Read More

Deap Vally at The Haunt, Brighton

Without wishing to blow our own – admittedly impressive – trumpets, we were banging on about Californian two-piece Deap Vally absolutely yonks ago. We interviewed them in one of those, “hey guys, you probably haven’t… Read More

Palma Violets are victims of hype

Ah great, another hype band from good ol’ Blighty. Palma Violets are the latest NME darlings which, these days, is something of a poisoned chalice. Anyone lifted shoulder-high by the magazine is immediately… Read More

David Ford jumps in a barrel of weasels

David Ford releases his fourth long-player, Charge, this March. We caught up with the singer/songwriter ahead of his upcoming tours of the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States and had a conversation… Read More

1992: The Love Album goes deluxe

If you turn to Chapter 1992 of the big indie music history book, you’ll read about grunge, you’ll read about Rage Against The Machine, about R.E.M. and an angry breakthrough band called Manic… Read More