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1992: The Love Album goes deluxe

If you turn to Chapter 1992 of the big indie music history book, you’ll read about grunge, you’ll read about Rage Against The Machine, about R.E.M. and an angry breakthrough band called Manic… Read More

Our team’s full album lists of 2012

Somethingyousaid.com has already brought you it’s extensive 2012 album poll, which saw Tame Impala narrowly overcome Cat Power for the crown of Album of the Year, but we’ve had countless requests to publish… Read More

Field Day: Heat, Coolio, guitars, fun times

There aren’t many reasons to drag yourself from your pit of hungover despair on New Years Day. The chance to go and hang in a field with Coolio, however, is one. It certainly… Read More

Happy New Year from Something You Said

What a great year it’s been. We launched this site in August and it has gone from strength to strength since then, due to a lot of hard work from our team the… Read More

Something You Said’s top gigs of 2012

We spent a ridic amount of time in 2012 at music venues all over the world. From Berlin to Brighton, from Sydney to Switzerland, from London to LA, we were there. These are… Read More

Something You Said’s Top 10 Films of 2012

Our big round up of 2012 is in full swing. Today it’s time to have a look at the best movies that have hit our cinema screens this year. Here is our top… Read More

Something You Said’s top 10 songs of 2012

This year dripped great songs from its very pores, so it was little wonder that we got heaps and heaps of votes for all manner of tunes that spanned styles and genres. Here… Read More

Something You Said’s Top TV Shows of 2012

We’ve already brought you our top albumsĀ of 2012, next up it’s time to see what’s we’ve been watching on the box. Here is the top 10 TV shows of the year, as voted… Read More

Something You Said’s Top 20 Albums of 2012

It’s been a really good year for music, don’t you reckon? So much so that, when we invited people to tell us their albums of 2012, we were blown away by just how… Read More

Thank you and goodnight Bridezilla

On January 16th, two things are set to happen. It is an utter coincidence that they should occur on the same day, yet there is also something strangely symbiotic about it. In the… Read More

Grimes at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney

There are few artists that have been as universally adored in 2012 than Grimes, so it was amid huge anticipation that Claire Boucher took to the stage at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory for… Read More

Young triumphs over old at Homebake

The minority of punters who stayed sober enough to recall much of Sydney’s Homebake last year may have been a little worried about returning in 2012. This is largely to do with the… Read More