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Les Misérables hits the big screen

I go to a lot of gigs. A lot of gigs. More often than not, it feels like work. Another shoe gazing, floppy fringed hipster band? Great. So, when I can, I like… Read More

The Perks of Being a Wallflower review

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a comedy drama set in the US in the early 1990s, and is directed by Stephen Chbosky, who also wrote the novel. Clever chap. Starring Logan… Read More

Interview: Getting To Know Noni Cragg

Artist Noni Cragg tells somethingyousaid.com where she gets her inspiration from, what’s currently on her stereo and which television show she can quote, word for word: I am Noni. A female Sydney based… Read More

Is the office becoming obsolete?

At Something You Said, we now have about 50 contributors. They are based all over the world, from Sydney to Austin via London, Berlin and a host of other places. So, obviously, we… Read More

Britany Nola Interview – Playboy & bullying

Not only is Britany Nola a contributor to this very site, but she is also Playboy’s Miss November and is set to make her film debut as the lead role in American Ecstasy.… Read More

Boy – Mutual Friends

Boy – Mutual Friends A quick history lesson. Swiss-born singer Valeska Steiner moved to Germany, where in 2005 she met Sonja Glass, who grew up there playing the cello in classical orchestras as… Read More

Interview: Getting to Know Sara Grabek

Model and artist Sara Grabek talks to Something You Said about music, her inspirations and her big plans for the future: I’d say I am a dreamer. And a bit of a hippy… Read More

Getting to Know Julia & The Deep Sea Sirens

Julia Johnson tells Something You Said about her band:  Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens are a band of Canberran musicians who I gathered together to play my songs. I feel very lucky… Read More

Interview: Getting To Know Fanny Lumsden

Ahead of a few live dates, the lovely Fanny Lumsden and her bandmates tell us a bit about themselves: Fanny Lumsden & The Thrillseekers are more fun than a poke in the eye with… Read More

My adventures with a weighted hula hoop

I get sent a lot of stuff in the post. Albums, cinema tickets, the occasional bottle of booze, bills (lots of bills) and letters from my bank telling me that I have no… Read More

Danielle Sharp: Sex Bomb vs Fashion nerd

SYS has a chat to one of the UK’s most up and coming glamour models:  There is a certain dichotomy to Danielle Sharp. You might have caught a glimpse of her, sans clothing,… Read More

Death Grips – The Money Store album review

It’s rare – in an era when auto-tuned, compressed and uber-processed safety is the bland order of the day – for music to jump out of the stereo and grab you by the… Read More