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Kim Churchill tells us his top 10 books

Australian songsmith Kim Churchill releases his new album Weight_Falls today. We asked him to put together his Top 10 Books for us.

Something You Said’s Books of 2014

When considering somethingyousaid.com’s Top Ten Books of 2014, we felt privileged to have in our ranks a genuine expert. As well as writing for this very site, Joe Haddow is also the producer of the BBC Radio… Read More

End of year review: Our showbiz chums

As well as finding out what’s been exciting somethingyousaid.com’s contributors this year, we thought we’d also ask a handful of our showbiz buddies what they’ve been digging. So we called on model, dancer… Read More

A tale of two bibliophiles

Somethingyousaid.com’s Elaina Ransford considers the pros and cons of dating a writer: As someone who has more books than clothes, gets almost every reference from Gilmore Girls, and has a twitter handle that’s… Read More

Sara Malakul Lane – Getting to Know

Having recently appeared in movies ‘Jailbait’, ’12/12/12′ and ‘100 Degrees Below Zero’, LA-based model and actress Sara Malakul Lane has been increasingly appearing on our radar lately. We caught up with her and… Read More

Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction!

Fact-of-the-day: In New York City, the law allows toplessness by both men and women. This is good news for the Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society, who meet up to do their al… Read More

Emerging Writers’ Festival: Our tips

Jess O’Callaghan gives you the heads up on some potential highlights from the upcoming Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne, which kicks off this week: Tucked into Melbourne’s lanes, libraries, and town halls, the… Read More

Something You Said’s Year in Books

Our resident book expert, Jess O’Callaghan, gives you the heads up on what you should have been reading this year: A year in books is always hard to write. Everyone’s year in books… Read More

Thank you Bryce Courtenay

Kaya Strehler makes her Something You Said debut by paying tribute to an author and legend: If you are unaware of who Bryce Courtenay is, hang your head in shame. IN SHAME, I SAY.… Read More

Damn Terran’s Ali and her favourite books

Ali Edmonds from Damn Terran talks us through her favourite books: Down and Out in Paris and London – George Orwell I read this just before I went to both Paris and London for the… Read More

The Hardcore Porn of Good Literature

When Internet Porn Gets Boring: a Sopping Jaunt into the Hardcore Porn of Good Literature, by Elfy Scott: A restless night of erotic dreams tends to leave me hanging in the morning; my pussy… Read More