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Jim Bob talks Shepherd’s Bush and Australia

We caught up with musician and author Jim Bob to find out about his upcoming London show, his return to Australia and his next book.

Review: Jim Bob at The Haunt, Brighton

As we yelled “It feels so good”, we felt the true warmth of belonging, huddled together with like-minded, empathetic people.

Interview: Jim Bob hits the road

Writer and musician Jim Bob is embarking on a long-awaited solo tour at the end of the year. We ask him what we can expect.

Interview: Jim Bob and Frank Derrick return

Following last year’s critically-acclaimed novel, “The Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Age 81″ writer/musician J.B. Morrison, better known as Jim Bob, returns this June with “Frank Derrick’s Holiday of a Lifetime”. We have… Read More

Thank you and Goodnight, Carter USM

This weekend, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine will, over a quarter-of-a-Century since forming, cease to be unstoppable. Bobby Townsend pays his respects: Eastbourne, in the UK county of East Sussex, isn’t at the… Read More

Album Review: Jim Bob is back!

Four and a half-years after releasing previous album Goffam, Jim Bob is back. These haven’t been Stone Roses-esque wasted years though as, impressively, the former Carter USM frontman has been busy writing a couple of… Read More

Music video: Jim Bob, Dream Come True

I find it absolutely bewildering that people still bother watching The X Factor. In the early days, riding in the slipstream of Pop Idol, it was a moderately entertaining talent contest. People would… Read More

Carter USM classic album giveaway

Quick history lesson for the uninitiated… Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine were a South London duo that bashed out awesome indie pop punk anthems with a social/political conscience in the early-90s. In our… Read More

1992: The Love Album goes deluxe

If you turn to Chapter 1992 of the big indie music history book, you’ll read about grunge, you’ll read about Rage Against The Machine, about R.E.M. and an angry breakthrough band called Manic… Read More

End of Year Review: Our showbiz mates

As part of our grand End Of 2012 Review, we asked some of our showbiz buddies to tell us what has been floating their boats over the past 12 months. This is what… Read More

Free download of Carter’s 1991 Paris gig

You may recall how, a couple of weeks ago, I was raving about the influence that indie/punk/pop duo Carter USM had on me. Well, while the guys were sorting through old tapes looking… Read More

Revisiting: Carter USM’s 30 Something

My hometown at the turn of the 1990s was something of a cultural wasteland. Fashion didn’t really exist in the small, conservative tourist trap on the south coast of England and, with the… Read More