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Gay lifestyle and issues in China

Stephanie Cobon battles a hangover while considering the increasingly visible gay lifestyle culture in China: I kept my eyes tightly shut and became conscious of the hot mass sitting at the bottom of my… Read More

China and institutionalised amnesia

I’m standing at exit A of the Second Worker’s Cultural Palace metro station and it’s 3pm. All the details are correct, I’ve checked three times in the last 15 minutes. Sweat is sliding… Read More

Getting a Blind Massage in China

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who enjoys getting a massage. It’s what easy-going, mythically under-analytical people and sports people do. Just as, to some, a bath evokes such pleasantries… Read More

Personal space and crossing roads in China

My lovely friend Laura unknowingly dribbles spectacular, if not insane life-advice on a regular basis. It can be like panning for gold and occasionally, applying it to everyday life can be just plain… Read More

Guangzhou, pollution & nature paraphernalia

Australian Stephanie Cobon is currently living in China. Following last week’s eventful visit to the hospital, this week she’s getting mighty confused by nature paraphernalia: Back in Sydney, my old housemate puts on workshops… Read More

China and its little absurdities – Guangzhou

It’s hard to feel culture-shock when you come from a country as multicultural as Australia. I still don’t think that’s an ethnocentrically obnoxious claim to make, which is why, from the floor of the… Read More

Music: Free Rainbow Chan Remix!

Backseat your bummer vibes and take a listen to Nick Zinner’s remix of Haircut by Rainbow Chan. You’ll be well on the way to busting public dance-moves and bad-bitching curious onlookers. The Sydney savant of… Read More

Xiao Zhong Talks of Pairs

Somethingyousaid.com introduced Shanghai band, Pairs, a while back, labeling them as being a couple of  ‘ace cunts’, which, if you’re not from Australia, means that we’re fond of them, and they are good.… Read More

Introducing Pairs from Shanghai

The first time I met Rhys was at a gig in this dingy rock ‘n’ roll dive in Shanghai called Yuyintang. He was playing in an outfit called Pairs, along with Shanghai local… Read More