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Interview: Nathaniel Rateliff gets sweaty

How did Denver singer-songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff go from Christian missionary to Rock n Rollin’ S.O.B.? Colin Delaney finds out.

Taboo tubes: Homosexuality in Surfing

As a Frenchman living in the coastal enclave of Bronte, Sydney, Thomas Castets surfs just about everyday. But around 2010 Castets began noticing a pattern among his surfing buddies – they’d marry off,… Read More

Phosphorescent live in Sydney – Review

Despite six albums for the Alabama native-turned-Brooklynite, this would be Matt Houck and his band Phosphorescent’s first headlining show in Sydney. The alt-country act previously played the short-lived but excellent Harvest Festival in… Read More

Boarders without borders

With Skateistan co-founder Ollie Percovich over in Sydney for TEDx this weekend. Colin Delaney finds out about boardriding non-governmental organisations in war-torn countries. Take a few moments out of your day to read this. It’s… Read More

Things that shouldn’t be awesome but are

Last week, we told you the things that shouldn’t annoy us but absolutely do. To counterbalance this and to illustrate that our contributors aren’t merely a bunch of miseries/moaners/haters, here’s a collection of… Read More

Things that annoy us more than they should

The other day, a couple of our contributors were having a conversation about the little things that absolutely shouldn’t be annoying but are. Like how self-service checkouts arbitrarily don’t use pronouns sometimes (“Unexpected… Read More

Live Review: Field Day in Sydney

Somethingyousaid’s Colin Delaney overcame his hangover just in time to head to Field Day: I woke on New Year’s Day feeling sceptically fine, managed to make breakfast for the rest of the household… Read More

Happy New Year from Something You Said

Happy two-thousand-and-motherflipping-fourteen! How was your hangover? Pretty gnarly? Did it feel like a small animal had burrowed into your head and was trying to scratch its way out through your eyeballs? Those early… Read More

Something You Said’s best gigs of 2013

Here at somethingyousaid.com, we’ve got boots on the ground all over the world, from USA to Australia via the UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and a bunch of places in between. Between us, we’ve… Read More

Something You Said’s best TV shows of 2013

Remember when television was terrible? Nothing but Godawful Big Brother and soaps? Not any more. With countless outstanding productions hitting our screens again in 2013, we’ve been truly spoilt for choice. Here are… Read More

Something You Said’s best songs of 2013

Having already brought you the year’s best longplayers and films, now it’s time for somethingyousaid.com’s Top 20 Songs of 2013, as voted for by our team of contributors. Here are the tracks that… Read More

Something You Said’s best films of 2013

This year, some abso-bloody-lutely awesome movies have hit our ears and eyes. Here are Somethingyousaid.com’s top 20 films of 2013, as voted for by our team of contributors (oh, and before you get… Read More