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Slowdive in Singapore – Live Review

Singapore-based Something You Said correspondent, Desmond Chan, checked out Slowdive who are touring in their original lineup after a 20-year hiatus [long live the 90s]: Lately, Singapore has seen a real boom in… Read More

Pleasures of the Flesh: The joys of Hospitality

Australian model/artist Rose Ashton (pictured, above left) is also a kickass hospitality manager. Here, she and her colleagues tell stories of benevolence, camaraderie, hard work, sex and… bestiality? Blimey: I have worked in hospitality… Read More

How to go to a festival and not be a fuckwit

Going to a festival is HARD WORK. There’s set times to balance, mental weather conditions to endure, potent beverages to be consumed in dangerous quantities, police dogs to avoid, fake tan to be applied,… Read More

The Olympic Comedown

Sydneysider Jasper Clifford-Smith compares watching the Olympics to taking acid. Lots of acid: Years and years ago when I was younger and looser I was playing at this music festival. This particular festival went for… Read More

Olly goes to the Weed Shop

Oliver Heath gets his smoke on: I assumed a medical marijauna prescription was difficult to get in LA, a token gesture to avoid the bad press of incarcerating the cancer ward that had… Read More

Amy Winehouse: Rest In Peace

I have no time for sensationalism. I don’t give a damn what colour Cheryl Cole’s hair is or whether she is back with that knobhead footballer. I don’t know or care if Lyndsay… Read More