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You’ll find what you’re looking for in Budapest

As lazy as it sounds, it’s hard to think of a better way to sum up Budapest in a nutshell than to compare it to Berlin.

Interview: Kate Miller-Heidke hits Europe

Australian songstress Kate Miller-Heidke is heading to Europe to perform some shows over the upcoming weeks. We thought we’d grab a few words with her before she departs: Hi Kate! Thanks for taking the time… Read More

Live Review: Sonic Jesus in Berlin

Somethingyousaid.com’s Jan Wisniewski checks out Italian psych-rockers Sonic Jesus at Berlin’s White Trash Fast Food: A last-minute venue change, a reduced line-up and a late start – when Sonic Jesus took to the… Read More

Interview: Little May are surprised and elated

Australia-based three-piece Little May have a new single out and are heading to Europe to perform at the Great Escape Festival in May. We grabbed vocalist Liz Drummond for a chat: Who/what is Little May?… Read More

Outlook Festival in Croatia – Review

Milly Gill headed to Croatia’s increasingly-popular Outlook Festival. Here’s what she discovered: After travelling for over a day we felt only minor comfort in arriving at our campsite in rainy Croatia. Following the… Read More

Interview: Joan as Police Woman

American violinist, guitarist and singer/songwriter Joan Wasser – aka Joan As Police Woman – talks to Courtney Dabb about her latest album and her upcoming tour of Australia: Hi Joan. Thanks for taking the time… Read More

Yellow Ostrich, Cosmos – album review

Hatched from the 2009 home recordings of 21-year-old Alex Shaaf, New York band Yellow Ostrich have taken huge sonic leaps throughout their six EPs and three studio albums – now landing themselves on… Read More

From East To West in Ninety Days

TEN WAYS TO SAVE MONEY TRAVELLING CONTINENTAL EUROPE A female traveller can expect to receive all manner of advice/warnings from people about backpacking Europe alone. Mostly along the lines of ‘be safe, be… Read More

Secrets of Bratislava – Travel Tips

Koren Helbig dispels your preconceptions about Bratislava and offers invaluable secrets for travellers: If you’ve ever seen the 2005 American horror film Hostel, chances are you think Bratislava is a pretty crummy place to go.… Read More

Todd Terje, Delorean Dynamite – Music

Look at Todd Terje’s newest album cover, above, it’s fucking brilliant! Look at that 80’s talkshow/Jetsons thing going on there… Just look at those Microsoft Paint strokes texturalising his hair, and that pose…… Read More

The Preatures – Better Than It Ever Could Be

Sydney-based five-piece The Preatures are back with a cracking arcade game-inspired retro video clip for their new song Better Than It Ever Could Be.  We’ve been gushing fanboys/fangirls of them since their name was spelt… Read More

Music Video: Kirin J Callinan, Landslide

By now, you prolly don’t need us to tell you how much we lovelovelove Kirin J Callinan here are somethingyousaid.com. We’ve been waxing lyrical about him since forever. And rightly so, the guy… Read More