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Interview: Getting to know Avalon Ible

“I think I’ve realised I can’t be summarised into labels or select categories because I feel like I’m always changing, learning.”

Getting to know Matilda Rodgers

Australia-based Matilda Rodgers talks to us about her art, her modelling career, her dislike of nachos and why she’ll never sky-dive.

The Quirks of Intimacy – The Two Of Us

Ah, intimacy. The delicate and sinewy thread that we weave between ourselves and others like gentle spiders, shyness giving way to a slower and stranger blossoming, moving in crests as we watch and… Read More

My 2015, My 2016, by Elle Brittain

As we depart 2015 and excitedly welcome another year, we thought we’d ask some of our all-time favourite interviewees to tell us about their highlights/lowlights from the last 12 months and their hopes for… Read More

2015 in fashion, by Liana Gow-Killingbeck

It’s time for somethingyousaid.com’s legendary end of year review, where we tell you what’s been floating our boat over the last twelve months! Over the upcoming days we’ll bring you our top albums, songs, films… Read More

Interview: Jessie Andrews is fearless

American Jessie Andrews has no fear in taking on any opportunity. She’s a DJ, producer, model, actress, jewellery designer, adult film star and Sol Republic ambassador with a huge social media following. Bobby Townsend has a… Read More

Fashion: Getting to Know IRRÉVERSIBLE

Sydney-based IRRÉVERSIBLE have been busy stockpiling lots of seriously rare/amazing vintage and have recently launched their online store. We asked co-owner Clare Ferra to tell us more: IRRÉVERSIBLE is… First of all, it’s the… Read More

Fashion: Naked is the New Black

A little black dress, or LBD, has and always will be a wardrobe staple. But lately, more LBDs are getting pushed to the back of the closet and replaced instead with a dress… Read More

Puma and ICNY serve up some ice cream

How to gain your product our undivided attention in one pretty-bloody-easy step: Make it ice cream-themed. We love us some ice cream. So that’s exactly what Puma and alternative sportswear pioneers ICNY have… Read More

Soap Nuts are here to clean your jeans

Dutch-based denim brand, Denham, has recently unveiled a bespoke line of intriguing/naughty sounding “Soap Nuts” which are launching in Australia this September. Fear not though, these nuts are nothing saucy, but rather they are… Read More

Interview: Getting to Know Woan Ni

Up-n-coming Sydney-based model Woan Ni tells us about satisfying her obsessions:  I am on the train heading to a few castings. Sunny days. Modelling is a job, where the rewards and risks have an exponential relationship… Read More

What’s Your Timepiece of Choice?

Timepieces are for everyday. Picking the correct one is pretty important because it completes a look, displays the time (obviously) and is a forever item. Somethingyousaid.com’s top tip? Don’t choose a watch you’ll get… Read More