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You’ll find what you’re looking for in Budapest

As lazy as it sounds, it’s hard to think of a better way to sum up Budapest in a nutshell than to compare it to Berlin.

Flights, History Be Kind – Album Review

Somethingyousaid.com’s Tom Spooner checks out the new offering from Bristol-based band, Flights: It is rare to hear guitar music that so effortlessly transcends genres as it does on History Be Kind. Flights’ resistance to… Read More

Vote for Australia’s best rising producer

Remember how we recently gave up-n-coming Australian producers a heads-up on the Budweiser People’s Choice Award, which would give them the chance to showcase their mad skills? Well, they’ve been busy uploading some… Read More

The Best European Summer Festivals

The countdown to European summertime has begun, which means Festival season is so close you can pretty-much smell it. It’s the smell of unwashed awesomeness. However, because there are  gazillions of amazing events to… Read More