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Gotye’s tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey

An old restored instrument called an Ondioline that emitted a wide range of sounds whilst played by a smiling man named Wally!

Interview: Money Mark on Atomic Bomb!

Nigerian synth pioneer William Onyeabor is the master of Space Age Afro Funk. Following eight albums, Onyeabor became a Born Again Christian and refused to ever speak about himself or his music again. Joyfully,… Read More

Download Japanese Wallpaper’s Remix EP

May we introduce you to Melbourne-bred producer, Japanese Wallpaper, a sixteen-year-old who has had 100,000 plays on his debut single Breathe In Ft. Wafia, and was named in ToneDeaf’s readers’ poll as the… Read More

Exclusive Walk Off The Earth stream!

We really like Gotye. His reputation of being pretty much the nicest human-being on the planet is deserved. Seriously. But, by the eight-millionth time the radio played it, even massive admirers like us… Read More

Julia Johnson drops the F-Bomb

After last week reviewing Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens’ sophomore long-player, Jack Colwell has a conversation with Julia Johnson about the pros/cons of touring, getting advice from Gotye and dropping the F-bomb (F… Read More

Fun Machine Makes Gold

It takes a lot of complex factors to make gold. Scientifically speaking, it takes a supernova exploding and a whole lot of waiting around. Canberra band, Fun Machine, differs in opinion, claiming in… Read More

Field Day 2012

  Bobby Townsend headed to Field Day at Sydney’s Domain on New Year’s Day. Here’s what he thought:   Right, let’s make one thing clear before we start. If you’re expecting a snobbish… Read More

The 2011 ARIA Awards

Bobby Townsend and Heidi Pett went to the 2011 ARIA Awards in Sydney today. They behaved like consummate professionals. Here’s Bobby’s review: As you would expect from any Australian award ceremony, the 2011 ARIA’s… Read More