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You’ll find what you’re looking for in Budapest

As lazy as it sounds, it’s hard to think of a better way to sum up Budapest in a nutshell than to compare it to Berlin.

Our Favourite Brisbane Haunts

Keely Thurecht walks you through some of somethingyousaid.com’s favourite places to hang/eat in Brisbane: When I sat down to compile my ultimate list of things to see, do and eat and drink in… Read More

Secrets of Bratislava – Travel Tips

Koren Helbig dispels your preconceptions about Bratislava and offers invaluable secrets for travellers: If you’ve ever seen the 2005 American horror film Hostel, chances are you think Bratislava is a pretty crummy place to go.… Read More

How to survive Winter Wonderland

When Dean Martin sang ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’ all those years ago, I’m 100% certain he did not have the annual Hyde Park festivities in mind; hundreds of overpriced Bratwurst stalls, stands… Read More

Olly heads to the Northern Territory

Somethingyousaid.com’s Oliver Heath (pictured, above) navigated his way outta Sydney and into the Northern Territory, trying not to swallow too many flies along the way:  The Alice Springs desert is physically the furthest… Read More

Our Top 5 acts to see at Great Escape

This week, Something You Said is heading to Brighton, on England’s sunny south coast for The Great Escape. The three-day festival and convention always entertains, informs and is firmly established as Europe’s answer to… Read More

A Place Where No Cars Go

Somethingyousaid.com’s Tenley Nordstrom learns the value of a machete: When I close my eyes and think of my happy place, I think of Bastimentos, Panama. I think of the sun dancing off of the… Read More

24 Hours in Ho Chi Minh City

Somethingyousaid.com headed to Ho Chi Minh City, just about managed to avoid being involved in numerous traffic accidents and achieved bugger-all sleep: I asked a friend who used to live in Vietnam “What’s Ho… Read More