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Music Interview: 360 challenges himself

Acclaimed Australian rapper, 360, took a few moments out from his tour to talk to Annastasia Robertson about interacting with fans, basketball and dream collaborations: You’re currently on your Retopia tour and you’ve been hitting… Read More

Review: Death Grips, that powers that b

Chloe Mayne checks out the epic new record from Sacramento-based industrial electro-hoppers Death Grips: My relationship with Death Grips feels like it’s in an odd sort of flux. Ever since the day that… Read More

Interview: Getting to Know Sky’high

Australia-based Sky’high is a compelling up-n-coming artist emerging within the local Hip-Hop community. We asked her to tell us more about herself. So here she is, in her own words: I am Sky’high… Read More

Interview: Seth Sentry Captures Youth

We caught up with Seth Sentry, one of Australia’s premier rappers, ahead of an extensive February/March tour of his homeland:  Hi Seth! Thanks for taking time out to chat to us here at Something… Read More

Azealia Banks – Broke With Expensive Taste

Last weekend, New York-based rapper Azealia Banks unleashed her highly-anticipated and long-awaited debut album into the world with no warning. Considering how the 23-year-old has been wrestling with the record since 2011, one… Read More

Evil Ed Interview – Part One

UK Hip Hop’s legendary producer Evil Ed caught up with 25ThC for a two-part interview. Here he discusses his critically-acclaimed album “The Enthusiast” and a new mixtape showcasing his work to date: Your… Read More

Interview: Cobane reaches his target

Cobane is part of The Colony – one of the UK’s foremost hip-hop crews. The MC has just released his new album “Target Reached” and caught up with somethingyousaid.com’s 25ThC for a chat:… Read More

DJ Shepdog interview – Nice Up! records

DJ Shepdog is a producer, DJ and head of Nice Up! records, a label which encompasses forward-thinking reggae, hip-hop, dancehall, drum and bass, dub-step and more. He took a break from his hectic… Read More

Video: Poeticat, Centre of the Concrete Square

The genre-defying output from this outfit hailing from London, Lisbon and Basildon is sure worth a few moments of your time. Sample their weird hip-hop/industrial lo-fi electronica, which has just the right amount… Read More

The Top 5 Electro tracks/albums of 2013

While tallying up the somethingyousaid.com contributors’ End of Year polls (results coming soon), we noticed a distinct lack of electro music within the Best Song and Best Album categories. So we thought we’d… Read More

Review: Salt N Pepa in Canberra

Salt N Pepa played their hip-hop hits in the Australian capital, somethingyousaid.com’s Farz Edraki was there to see it:  “It’s a nice place, Canberra, but I wouldn’t like to live here. It’s not the… Read More

Music interview: Freddie Gibbs is Walter White

He grew up in the marginal ghetto in Indiana and didn’t start pursuing music until he was 21-years-old. His uncompromising rhymes are filled with violent, unpredictable and alarming stories of his life on… Read More