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Something You Said’s top films of 2017

It’s that time when our contributors vote for their favourite things from 2017. Here are the best ten films of the year, as selected by our team.

Sydney Film Festival’s Gourmet Cinema

Here at somethingyousaid.com, if you asked what our all-time favourite things in the world were, the words “food”, “booze” and “films” would rank highly. Combine the three, and we’re pretty much in heaven.… Read More

Review: Flickerfest short film festival 2014

Oliver Heath attends Australian international short film festival, Flickerfest, and reminisces about Bondi: A quick glance at the sign (pictured, above) and you could be forgiven for thinking I’m at a Tinder orgy or a douchebaggery… Read More

Revisiting: Top Casino & Vegas based films

Something You Said recently spent the weekend at Caesar’s Palace. Because we’re massive cowards though, we didn’t have the cojones to gamble especially flamboyantly. We certainly didn’t put it all on red at the roulette… Read More

Three Movies that Define Inspiration

The definition of inspiration is the stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity. Guest writer for somethingyousaid.com Olan Ahern, kept this firmly in his mind when choosing a… Read More

Shirley you can’t be serious?

Bobby Townsend puts his seat in an upright position and stows his tray table: Next week, I’m spending 27 hours on a plane from Sydney to the UK. I know some people hate… Read More