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The new video from Harts is All Too Real

Harts is a multi-instrumentalist who, with a push and a nudge in the right direction from Lars Stalfors of the Mars Volta, was able to achieve poppy synth sounds and catchy hooks that… Read More

Alpine at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory

Carol Bowditch checked out Alpine at OAF in Sydney: I arrived towards the end of Club Feet’s set, to a tune that I subconsciously had memorised the chorus of. I hummed along to… Read More

Free download of Carter’s 1991 Paris gig

You may recall how, a couple of weeks ago, I was raving about the influence that indie/punk/pop duo Carter USM had on me. Well, while the guys were sorting through old tapes looking… Read More

Syron breaks through as one to watch

Released Sept 24th on Black Butter Records, this track has stirred the interest of us music lovers at SYS. It’s the work of a 19-year-old from London called Daisy Syron, who is making… Read More

Falls is the perfect New Year getaway

Australia’s Falls Music & Arts Festival is in its 10th and 20th year’s, happening simultaneously in Lorne, Victoria and Marion Bay, Tasmania. Flying in the face of the traditional Aussie festival (which is… Read More

Youtube bans Voltaire Twins but we don’t

So, Perth indie synth poppers Voltaire Twins proudly and happily put their new clip online this week, only for those stuffy old badgers at Youtube to rip it down after less then 24… Read More

Getting to Know Julia & The Deep Sea Sirens

Julia Johnson tells Something You Said about her band:  Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens are a band of Canberran musicians who I gathered together to play my songs. I feel very lucky… Read More

Clytem Scanning interview

Paris’ own Clytem Scanning, has a chat with SYS about her new LP and about what else she’s got going on: Tell me about your new album Mirada Fuerte. How does it differ from your… Read More

Cat Power’s Sun warms like morning light

Victoria Mietchen gets blindfolded by Cat Power: Chan Marshall delights in obscurity, but she is one of few artists who can get away with it – and I am always more than happy… Read More

New Music: Klassik – Enemy/Inner Me

Klassik is an up and coming artist from The States who has released this great Spring time number. Enemy/Inner Me is a good tune to add to my “driving to the beach 2012” playlist… Read More

Does the Pussy Riot protest taste bad?

Oliver Heath gets his protest on and is left with a bad taste in his mouth: The arrest of masked Russian punk band Pussy Riot for staging a protest in an orthodox Cathedral… Read More

Chairlift go Japanese and Belong In Your Arms

Sometimes there are just no words within one’s vocabulary to aptly sum something up. So, instead, just watch the above clip and try not to let it melt your brain. We thought our… Read More