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Ball Park Music talk gigs and Weezer

Elfy Scott has a chat to Ball Park Music about their new LP, their live show and just how excited they are about supporting Weezer in January: When initially offered a phone interview… Read More

The Fearless Vampire Killers – Mexico

We interviewed and reviewed The Fearless Vampire Killers not too long ago and found them to be both bloody nice chaps and jolly good live. And, of course, they slay a mean vampire. So… Read More

Stuff White People Like and a bit that they don’t

Harriet Cheney went to Newcastle for TiNA and Sound Summit:  I hit the road later than I had hoped to, because I was writing questions for an interview. Luckily, that meant that I… Read More

DJ Cam interview

Seminal Hip Hop Producer DJ Cam will be performing an ultra-rare London DJ set on the 27th October at The Forum in support of a stellar line up which includes The Herbaliser, Belleruche… Read More

Olly goes side-of-stage with The Art

Something You Said’s Oliver Heath recently made the video for The Art’s new single. After which he joined them on their tour, where… well… he went a bit Kate Moss: I’ve got a soft spot… Read More

“An Invincible Summer…”

After spending the Aussie summer in the northern hemisphere, Sydney based musician Matt James came home with an idea of forming a collective called The Invincible Summer, inspired by Albert Camus’ quote which he… Read More

Automatic Writing, Continuous

Automatic Writing formed in 2011 and the band is made up of brothers Neave and Jamie Merrick. The duo offer slices of cinematic electro pop noir and their debut single, is due for release… Read More

Collarbones – Die Young

For an album whose central themes revolve around nostalgia and adolescent love, there couldn’t be a more forward-thinking sound to Collarbones’ sophomore effort, Die Young. At least for me, this genre of male-driven… Read More

Adele unleashes Bond’s Skyfall

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but, nearly five years ago, I stated that a little-known singer from Tottenham called Adele had “the potential to be a truly remarkable artist.”  Since… Read More

Boomgates are a mixbag of awesome

Whenever I’m buying sweets, I usually go for the mixbag party mix. It’s good for all. Has variety. I love the jelly snakes and I find it funny every time to use the… Read More

Berlin Festival Day 2

Jemma concludes her Berlin Festival experience by discovering her new favourite band: As day two rolled in, I had the customary brain mush functionality and was preoccupied with trying to remember how and when… Read More

Olly directs The Art’s latest video

Something You Said’s very own Oliver Heath is as clever as he is handsome, which is hard to believe, considering what a gorgeous devil he is. But it’s true. Not only does he… Read More