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Ben Folds Five dance their cares away

“Dance your cares away/Worry’s for another day/Let the music play…” If you are of a certain age, that theme tune will represent getting home from school and putting the telly on to watch… Read More

The Tiger & Me perform their Pantomime

As a fine man once said: “I don’t like Mondays.” Mondays suck. The weekend is but a distant (blurry) memory and we once again find ourselves chained to the desk catching up on… Read More

Velociraptor are back

It has been years between releases for Velociraptor and they are back with a special edition vinyl and digital release of their game changing mini-LP, The World Warriors. It’s available now via Create/Control.… Read More

The Preatures explain their new clip

We love Sydney’s The Preatures. Always have, likely always will. They’ve just released the video for their song, Pale Rider, so we thought we’d share it with you guys because, well, we’re nice… Read More

The xx – Coexist

Golden Lady considers the battle between style and substance on the new xx album: When any band or artist release an album to mass critical acclaim, hopes for an equally satisfying follow-up present… Read More

Buzz Kull’s Fallen Flower

Check out the above clip from Buzz Kull, which is also Jesse Willesee’s music video directorial debut. It was shot by Kieren Wuest and stars Kit Willesse, who flew to Australia from LA… Read More

Grab yourself a free BOY download

Who, you may ask, are BOY? Well, apart from being pretty bloody hard to Google, they are also – confusingly enough – and band made up of two girls. Valeska Steiner sang in several… Read More

Interview: Getting to Know Ruby Frost

Ruby Frost tells Something You Said a bit about herself:  I am a girl with pink hair called Ruby Frost. Volition is the name of my debut album project! It’s taken two whole… Read More

Pet Shop Boys aim for imperiousness

Gary Page gives his verdict on the new outing from Pet Shop Boys: Back in the late 1980s, as I struggled through the early, awkward stages of high school, I was a keen… Read More

The new video from Harts is All Too Real

Harts is a multi-instrumentalist who, with a push and a nudge in the right direction from Lars Stalfors of the Mars Volta, was able to achieve poppy synth sounds and catchy hooks that… Read More

Alpine at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory

Carol Bowditch checked out Alpine at OAF in Sydney: I arrived towards the end of Club Feet’s set, to a tune that I subconsciously had memorised the chorus of. I hummed along to… Read More

Free download of Carter’s 1991 Paris gig

You may recall how, a couple of weeks ago, I was raving about the influence that indie/punk/pop duo Carter USM had on me. Well, while the guys were sorting through old tapes looking… Read More