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Music Video: Tigertown – Lonely Cities

Fuelled on the success of their Aussie tour last month along with a string of sellout US shows, Tigertown are back with a new video.

MAGIC HANDS, Tone – Music Video

Lucy Roleff, the fantastic solo singer/illustrator extraordinaire that you may remember from our interview a wee while ago, is back, now operating with a pal as electro duo, MAGIC HANDS. The sway-worthy number, Tone,… Read More

Scarlet Chives, Timber Will Fall – NSFW Video

Today we have for you the excellent video and track from Scarlet Chives. They are a six-piece act from Denmark that utilise their dynamic vocals to create haunting, at times operatic, melodies that… Read More

Nick Mulvey, Cucurucu – Music video

Why do I find such pleasure in repetition? The chorus of Nick Mulvey’s new song is so delightfully singalongable as he churps the title line ‘cu-cu-ur-u’, especially after I have envountered a 24-hour… Read More

Music Video: Foxes, Let Go For Tonight

Foxes is a 24-year-old singer/songwriter from England and wearer of some serious balayage. Known to her mother as Loui Rose Allen, the young starlet has gained the grand accolade of receiving a Grammy… Read More

Video: Bombay Bicycle Club, Carry Me

Hailing from North London, Bombay Bicycle Club are set to release their fourth album early next year. Lead vocalist, Jack Steadman believes that the bands’ latest musical foray, which was created while travelling… Read More

Video: Morgan Visconti, Can’t Say Goodbye

How cool are your parents? Pretty cool? Well, sorry, but they’re not cool in comparison to London-born composer and songwriter, Morgan Visconti. He is the son of Tony Visconti, producer of Bowie albums ‘Space… Read More

New Music: McKisko, Good Grief

McKisko is set to release her sophomore album early next month and is packing up her gear to travel across Australia to perform music for lucky gig-goers at every post. The songstress, known to… Read More

Music video: Brendan Maclean, Winner

Here at Something You Said, we can’t get enough of Sydney’s god of camp, Brendan Maclean. After a big year releasing his highly-acclaimed single, ‘Stupid’, Brendan has returned with another tongue-in-cheek lead-up, ‘Winner,’… Read More

Video: Bored Nothing, Let Down

Bored Nothing pairs slacker grunge with visuals of peeping toms and a hot MILF in his video for newest single, Let Down. Not interested in the flirty girls at school, the young protagonist fantasises about… Read More

Music Video: Mikhael Paskalev, I Spy

After causing a stir with his music in his motherland of Norway, Mikhael Paskalev has nothing to hide for new audiences around the world. With the track having already hit platinum and receiving… Read More

Video: Andy Bull, Baby I’m Nobody Now

Sydney-based Andy Bull stars in his own personal Australian melodrama in his latest video clip. The afternoon special follows Bull around his daily routines, shot in fragmented vignettes; he makes his breakfast, showers,… Read More