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Something You Said’s best films of 2013

This year, some abso-bloody-lutely awesome movies have hit our ears and eyes. Here are Somethingyousaid.com’s top 20 films of 2013, as voted for by our team of contributors (oh, and before you get… Read More

Great films you might have missed in 2013

If you’re putting together your Best Movies list for the year, then STOP! You might wanna see these suggestions from Somethingyousaid.com’s resident film buff, Neil Martin, first:  My mission to watch more and… Read More

Songs: Ohia – Magnolia Electric Co

Somethingyousaid.com’s Neil Martin fondly remembers Jason Molina as he reviews this 10th Anniversary Deluxe reissue: On March 13 2013 Jason Molina slipped quietly away. His body giving up after years of alcohol abuse. He was… Read More

Album Review: Daughn Gibson – Me Moan

Neil Martin listens to the sophomore longplayer from an acclaimed American singer-songwriter: Daughn Gibson’s 2012 debut, All Hell, was a swampy gothic backwoods country album comprised in the main of samples of old… Read More

Runaway Town ups the stakes

Runaway Town is the second novel from Jay Stringer, whom I’ve previously had the pleasure of interviewing. It’s the follow-up to his blistering debut Old Gold and continues the adventures of part-Romani ex-cop… Read More

Neil Martin’s Jazz Odyssey

Jazz, the last refuge of the pretentious and self-important. The place old hipsters go to die, a land of odd time-signatures, modal scales and other elaborate music theory stuff designed to make the… Read More

Ryan Davis and the criminal underground

27 is the cracking debut novel from Ryan Davis, a rock’n’roll crime thriller set in the dingy world of the criminal underground of Birmingham, in England’s West Midlands. Jim Vale, aka Jimmy Tyrant, is the… Read More

Spectral Park is a woozy, mind-bending ride

Psychedelic has become an overused and misinterpreted term in modern music and it seems anyone that makes music which is vaguely ‘druggy’ is labelled as psychedelic, as journalists struggle to find any other… Read More

In Pursuit Of The Great White Whale

If you spend more time in dusty old record shops and on eBay than you should in the hope of finding long lost LPs, you’re not alone.

The year’s most plain bonkers movie

Neil Martin has a look at John Dies at The End. It takes him on quite the ride: This has got cult classic written all over it. Cult horror movie director Don Coscarelli (Phantasm,… Read More

Our team’s full album lists of 2012

Somethingyousaid.com has already brought you it’s extensive 2012 album poll, which saw Tame Impala narrowly overcome Cat Power for the crown of Album of the Year, but we’ve had countless requests to publish… Read More

Happy New Year from Something You Said

What a great year it’s been. We launched this site in August and it has gone from strength to strength since then, due to a lot of hard work from our team the… Read More