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Tropfest is here for your entertainment

Sydney, if you want a great night out this Saturday then head out west to Tropfest which is happening again this year at The Crescent.

Review: Backbone at Sydney Festival

I don’t have words to describe what I saw. I was amazed and was unable to look away, constantly thinking, ‘How can bodies move this way?’

Review: Offside at the Football Film Festival

Anyone who is even remotely football-literate and/or cine-literate knows that the two don’t always combine well. The likes of When Saturday Comes and Goal are testament to that. And let’s not even talk about United… Read More

Are you the next Dolly Model?

Hey Australia, the Original Dolly Model Search, which discovered superstars Miranda Kerr, Jessica Hart and Abbie Cornish is back for 2013! Are you between 13 and 18? Have you got what it takes? Do you have confidence and… Read More