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Spray & Wipe at The Espy, Melbourne

Marcus Thaine checked out a bunch of bands at The Espy last Friday: Burnt out in the foray of gritty guitar rock which dominated the night, I managed to miss Northeast Party House, the… Read More

To Rome With Love

Really? After heart-achingly brilliant parodies, words tinged with comic genius and fables of almost religious proportions, this is what we’re left with? Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page, of Juno fame, fumbling around awkwardly in… Read More

BIGSOUND’s Big Review

Marcus Thaine went to BIGSOUND in Brisbane and saw a lot of bands. Here are his thoughts: Here are just my ramblings, thoughts and recollections of my experience at Brisbane’s music conference, BIGSOUND.… Read More

Nitin Sawhney at Sydney Opera House

Sonia Clarke stays wide awake for Nitin Sawhney: Forget trees falling in the forest: what I would like to know is, if you sleep through a gig at the Opera House, did it really… Read More

Twerps, Melodie Nelson and Day Ravies in Bondi

Harriet Cheney headed to Bondi to check out Twerps: The free Weds night gigs at the Beach Road Hotel are a baffling success. Usually I would hate the over boozed and over (or under)… Read More

The xx – Coexist

Golden Lady considers the battle between style and substance on the new xx album: When any band or artist release an album to mass critical acclaim, hopes for an equally satisfying follow-up present… Read More

Pet Shop Boys aim for imperiousness

Gary Page gives his verdict on the new outing from Pet Shop Boys: Back in the late 1980s, as I struggled through the early, awkward stages of high school, I was a keen… Read More

Alpine at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory

Carol Bowditch checked out Alpine at OAF in Sydney: I arrived towards the end of Club Feet’s set, to a tune that I subconsciously had memorised the chorus of. I hummed along to… Read More

Chilly Gonzales review

Something You Said reviewer Golden Lady falls in love with Chilly Gonzales’ new album, Solo Piano II : A gentle, thoughtful and whimsical journey this is. It’s elegance, inspiring deserved critical acclaim, yet melodic and… Read More

Cat Power’s Sun warms like morning light

Victoria Mietchen gets blindfolded by Cat Power: Chan Marshall delights in obscurity, but she is one of few artists who can get away with it – and I am always more than happy… Read More

The Pharcyde at The Beresford in Sydney

The Pharcyde’s Sydney show made Sonia Clarke‘s face hurt. In a good way:   Nothing could have made me feel older at The Pharcyde gig than cadging a cigarette (I will be quitting… Read More

Joe McKee live review

Something You Said reviewer Ebe Cassidy gets her buzz killed: Last Saturday we saw Snowman’s Joe McKee who was launching his first solo album, Burning Boy, at the Grace Darling in Melbourne, an… Read More