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It’s the last Secret Garden Party

If you’ve never been to Secret Garden Party, the most fun festival in the UK, then you’d better get along to Cambridgeshire this July.

Secret Garden Party announces Caribou

We’re massive fans of The Secret Garden Party, the independently-spirited UK summer Festival set in Cambridgeshire, 70 miles out of central London. And what has made us even bigger fans of the East… Read More

Review: Secret Garden Party is magic

Nestled within the serene countryside of quaint Cambridgeshire, Secret Garden Party sits comfortably upon a hilly landscape spotted with green lakes. Taking advantage of the sunny afternoon of the Friday, and with a… Read More

Secret Garden Party announces line-up

If the seemingly interminable British winter is enveloping you in melancholy, then why not start preparing for the annual two-weeks of summertime that you can look forward to at the end of July.… Read More

Music: Southern, Where The Wild Are

Belfast-born, Liverpool-based brother and sister band Southern are set to unleash their new EP, ‘Where The Wild Are’ this April. Following their previous, eponymous release, this offering is another collection of songs that… Read More

European Festival Guide 2014

The fact that the majority of Europe was recently hidden under snow/dirty floodwater makes it seem almost ludicrous to consider planning summer festival trips, but, believe it or not, festival season is just… Read More

Kyla La Grange, Cut Your Teeth

After turning heads with her 2012 debut album Ashes, British singer/songwriter Kyla La Grange returns brighter, bolder and with an interesting shift towards a more subtle emotional, electronic pop smartness. Her upcoming second… Read More

Video: Secret Garden Party returns

Blimey, it really doesn’t seem massively long ago that Blighty was basking within the gloriously warm bosom of late summer. Shorts, ice-cold ciders and long afternoon shadows. With the changing of the clocks… Read More

Get The Sunday Papers… live!

We’ve been showering The Secret Garden Party with affection since forever because we love their awesome festival and because they keep coming up with other amazing ideas. Like this one. They’ve joined forces… Read More

SECRET EMPORIUM is left of centre

We love independent, original fashion that’s a bit leftfield, so we’re keen as mustard to check out Secret Emporium, which catches designers when ideas and ambitions are fresh, creative and exciting and when their designs… Read More

The Correspondents tick the right boxes

You can’t beat a good animated video. And you can’t beat a good bit of DIY either. So the new clip from South London duo The Correspondents ticks all the right boxes for us. It… Read More

The Secret Garden Party gets superstitious

We went to The Secret Garden Party in the UK this year and had a brill time, so we can’t wait to get ourselves back there in 2013. It’s not like your average… Read More