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Getting to Know Nicole Lizée

Sex, Lynch and Video Games sees Nicole Lizée performing with the Australian Art Orchestra. We asked Nicole to tell us about herself.

Pleasures of the Flesh: The joys of Hospitality

Australian model/artist Rose Ashton (pictured, above left) is also a kickass hospitality manager. Here, she and her colleagues tell stories of benevolence, camaraderie, hard work, sex and… bestiality? Blimey: I have worked in hospitality… Read More

Interview: Hebari from Sydney Rope Dojo

Oliver Heath investigates Japanese rope bondage: BDSM has had an impact on the aesthetic of rebellion since Vivienne Westwood pioneered the look of punk. When I noticed a resurgence of bondage collars, this… Read More

Just A Sigh (Le temps de l’aventure) Review

Last week we had true spontaneous ‘romance’ dangled in front of us in form of that ‘FIRST KISS’ video, prompting jealously for that electric spark of in-the-moment romance between those that were meeting… Read More

Valentine’s Bedroom Musical Mishaps

Tom Spooner helps us avoid embarrassment this Valentine’s Day by advising us on definite musical no-no’s in the bedroom: When it comes to setting the mood for a night of romantic nudge-nudge wink-winking… Read More

Film review: Jailbait is gritty

The Asylum is renowned for bringing films with a certain b-movie aesthetic to your screens. Remember Sharknado? Well, they were responsible for that. In 2014 they’re offering the likes of brilliantly-titled Mega Shark… Read More

Video: Lana Del Ray’s Tropico is NSFW

Lana Del Ray has been the hottest topic on the world-wide-internets this week with the re-release of several songs taken from her smasher of a latest longplayer, Born to Die, which made everyone… Read More

Video: Can Music Get You Laid?

Check this. Reggie Watts conducted this Socio-Musicology Experiment: Can Music Get You Laid? You would think the answer to be firmly within the affirmative. After all, why else would approximately 80% of dudes even… Read More

Dating, non-responses and Nathaniel P

Something You Said’s Elaina Ransford explains that everyone knows Nathaniel: Remember that awesome scene in Midnight in Paris when the Hemingway character says that he knows he’ll hate the main character’s book because… Read More

Movie Review: The Canyons

I have a friend who once vomited all over Lindsay Lohan’s bathroom. The reason I am telling you this one-sentence, context-free anecdote is that it is singularly more interesting and entertaining than the… Read More

Is Tropical channel Skins

There’s a certain level of familiarity to the nsfw video for London-based band, Is Tropical’s, current single, Lovers Cave. My mental link is directed to the Skins trailer from years ago where the cast of lovely young… Read More