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Some ideas for Christmas presents

Christmas is just around the corner, which means you’ve gotta start thinking about what to get the significant people in your life.

Star Wars at St.George OpenAir Cinema

When Star Wars was released last December, we were so pant-wettingly excited that we had to see it on the opening night.

Something You Said’s top films of 2015

We’ve already told you what the best albums were of 2015, now our contributors vote for their favourite films of the year.

Album review: Wilco, Star Wars

Chicago-based Wilco just released a free-to-download album. Adrian Pedić gives his opinion: There’s a lot to be said about Wilco releasing a new album completely out of the blue, with a novel name and… Read More

Getting to Know Grace Quealy

Melbourne-based model and mental health ambassador Grace Quealy tells us about her soon to be launched website, Icarus, and also about her music tastes and why she is a “100% certified dagster”: I am… fine. How are you?… Read More

Los Tones, Ordinary Man – Music Video

Sydney-based garage-rock band Los Tones just dropped their latest video clip, which was directed by Something You Said contributor/cowboy Oliver Heath. So we thought we get the lowdown on the clip from the director himself:… Read More

The Rodarte Star Wars themed collection!

Not very long ago in this galaxy, not too far away, Rodarte wowed their New York audience with a stunning Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear collection which incorporated five gorgeous floor-length gowns exhibiting images from… Read More

Kinder, Star Wars & forced perspective

Imagine if Yoda landed in Australia today? Would he head to Circular Quay? Check out all those hippy-dippy shops in Newtown? What about if Darth Vader found himself Downunder? What would he do? To… Read More

Fashion Interview: Black Milk Clothing

Somethingyousaid.com recently caught up with the guys at Black Milk – an Australian fashion label which had humble beginnings in 2009 but has gone on to attain a large, dedicated global fanbase. They… Read More

Why I’m glad Disney has purchased Star Wars

When, a few days ago, Disney paid turkey necked toy seller George Lucas a cool $4bn (£2.5bn) to buy the company that gave you Star Wars, in order to make a 7th film in… Read More