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The Vaccines review our interviewing style!

Our intrepid reporter, Harriet Cheney, caught up with guitarist Freddie Cowen and drummer Pete Robertson from The Vaccines while they were in Sydney. They discussed life on tour, Taiwan-mania, mass-produced music and being… Read More

Two Door Cinema Club & The Vaccines live

Earlier this month, I attended a show at a cinema club (with two doors) where everybody was getting themselves vaccinated against giant jungle creatures. Oh wait, no I didn’t. That’s what my ticket… Read More

Field Day: Heat, Coolio, guitars, fun times

There aren’t many reasons to drag yourself from your pit of hungover despair on New Years Day. The chance to go and hang in a field with Coolio, however, is one. It certainly… Read More

The Jungle Giants Have Something

Things sure are coming up Milhouse for The Jungle Giants. Between scoring a support slot for The Vaccines and Two Door Cinema Club on their Aus tour and getting a ton of airplay… Read More