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Cool for Cats – Cat Ballads, the album

RSPCA New South Wales have teamed up with scientists to develop music just for cats, based on recent research into cat palettes.

Flights, History Be Kind – Album Review

Somethingyousaid.com’s Tom Spooner checks out the new offering from Bristol-based band, Flights: It is rare to hear guitar music that so effortlessly transcends genres as it does on History Be Kind. Flights’ resistance to… Read More

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes – Thom Yorke

Somethingyousaid.com’s Tom Spooner live reviews Thom Yorke’s Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes on first listen. Here goes… Thom Yorke has just released an album. By ‘just’ I mean within the last few hours. It is available… Read More

Childhood memories: what you want back

Feeling nostalgic, we decided to ask the Something You Said team to recall the one thing from their childhood they would like back. Here are their childhood memories: I want Degrassi Junior High back. Not the… Read More

Froggyland: Adventures in Croatia

Somethingyousaid.com’s Tom Spooner spends some quality time with 507 taxidermy frogs: The old town in Split is beautiful. It helps that the bluest of skies spreads above it like a giant unblinking Scandinavian eye.… Read More

Some more things that annoy us

You may recall that we recently asked somethingyousaid.com’s contributors to tell us the things that annoy them way more than they should. Well, it turns out they’re a pretty angry bunch because they’ve already… Read More

Ultimate Warrior, the last Death of Innocence

Part-obituary, part-childhood memoir, a whole lotta sad, Tom Spooner offers up some personal reflections on the legendary American wrestler: I had never seen a real fight the first time I saw The Ultimate… Read More

Valentine’s Bedroom Musical Mishaps

Tom Spooner helps us avoid embarrassment this Valentine’s Day by advising us on definite musical no-no’s in the bedroom: When it comes to setting the mood for a night of romantic nudge-nudge wink-winking… Read More

Album review: Curtis Eller’s American Circus

Somethingyousaid.com’s Tom Spooner reviews How to Make It In Hollywood, the newest longplayer from Curtis Eller: Is it possible to have nostalgia for a time and place you do not know? Is it weird that… Read More

Review: East India Youth, Total Strife Forever

Tom Spooner reviews the much-anticipated debut solo longplayer from London-based East India Youth: When the Quietus start a record label with the sole purpose of putting out your first EP, you can feel… Read More

Our contributors’ favourite albums of 2013

We’ve already brought you all of somethingyousaid.com’s collective End of Year lists, but we’ve had a few requests to post all of our contributors’ individual favourite albums of 2013. So here are the… Read More

Happy New Year from Something You Said

Happy two-thousand-and-motherflipping-fourteen! How was your hangover? Pretty gnarly? Did it feel like a small animal had burrowed into your head and was trying to scratch its way out through your eyeballs? Those early… Read More