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Port wine tasting in Porto

Somethingyousaid.com visits sunny Portugal to get our wine on: Porto, Portugal, is a city hemmed by the glittering seam of the Rio Douro. From Porto’s riverfront area, the names of famous port wine producers… Read More

Pleasures of the Flesh: The joys of Hospitality

Australian model/artist Rose Ashton (pictured, above left) is also a kickass hospitality manager. Here, she and her colleagues tell stories of benevolence, camaraderie, hard work, sex and… bestiality? Blimey: I have worked in hospitality… Read More

Get your discounted Quick Bottle delivery

You know that all-too-familiar feeling, when you’re completely out of alcohol and simply can’t be arsed to venture to the bottle shop? Annoying, right? Our local bottle shop used to be so closely situated that we… Read More

Around the World in Eighty Whites

Somethingyousaid.com’s Carol Bowditch gets her wine on: Being the sort of person that frequents less tasteful establishments, and might utter to a friend, ‘oh, I wouldn’t put your bag down there, I’m having… Read More

Jazz and a few wines in the vines

Sonia Clarke got her jazz on and her wine on in The Hunter Valley in New South Wales a couple of weeks ago. Here’s what she can recall of events: Sometimes it is… Read More