Brighton Fashion Week’s VIP Launch Party

To be honest, you’ll find us at the opening of an envelope, so when we were invited to spend an evening in the company of Brighton’s most beautiful and fashionable, we jumped at the chance. With a cocktail in one hand and a camera in the other, we hung out with models, designers, photographers and stylists at the Brighton Hilton for the Brighton Fashion Week VIP Launch party.

The night officially kicked-off the annual proceedings which run for the whole of this week. We’ll be covering the entire damn shooting match, including tonight’s War Child charity gig, tomorrow’s Brighton Frocks show, Friday’s Couture Catwalk show and all the other exciting stuff that they’ve got goin’ on. See keep your eyes on for regular updates, photos, reviews and wotnot. Here’s the attractive-as-hell evidence of last night’s amazingness:

Words and pictures by Bobby Townsend.