Brighton Fashion Week – The Video montage

Okay, so I’m a writer by trade, but I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a movie maker. While the less that is said about the “comedy” short I wrote and directed when I was at college the better (choice bit of dialogue from this film:“Oh my God, his willy’s hanging out”), I am pretty proud to have co-directed this music clip of my friend being slapped repeatedly round the face in a car park (watch it, it’s better than it sounds), and also to have appeared in this one.

Anyhoo, to the point. At Brighton Fashion Week, I also managed to shoot a bit of footage, which I have rather crudely pieced together and set to music. It’s hardly Oscar-worthy, but it’ll give you a taste of what this year’s event was like. And, basically, it means you can spend the next five minutes looking at pretty people. And everyone likes pretty people. Check it below:

Words, pictures and video footage by Bobby Townsend.